How old is your picky eater?


Andrea - posted on 11/25/2012




Thanks for the article! My 6yr old daughter is extremely picky and I have tried everything! She would rather starve than eat something she does not like. So I take the "Always Provide A Way Out" technique that is in the article. I don't pressure anymore. I put new things on the plate and if she tries it, I give her a ton of praise and brag about it to her dad or grandma, someone. This seems to have made her more comfortable with trying new things. I have come to terms with it though that she will probably always be a picky eater. My little brother was the same way and I saw my parents fight and beg him to eat, but he would rather go hungry than eat something he didn't like. At 21 yrs old he still is extremely picky. Its just how he is, and I think that is just how some people are.

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