Moms of Preemie Babies Born November 2009

For moms that were surprised November 2009 by the early arrival of their baby. Share your stories, discuss the challenges, give advice, praise your NICU, or help other moms with their questions and concerns. Let's track our babies growth and development.


Hello Everyone

my daughter was born nov 4th by emergency c-section. my ob sent me for a growth ultrasound at 32 weeks, said she was tiny and he wanted another, so at 34 weeks i had another...


1 year old!!

My Abigail turned 1 on November 15th (her adjusted 1 year will be jan 26) and just had her one year check. She weighs 14 1/2 lbs and is 26 in. And other than her size she's...



I thought i will leave another massage, the last one was so long ago. So how is little Abi doing? Sophia started eating rice cereal about 2 weeks ago and some carrot last week...


Allow me to start

After having two nearly perfect, term pregnancies, I never would have thought that I would have complications during with my 3rd. At 9 weeks, I was sitting in class when a huge...