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Mom's of Preemies, Twins/ Multiples and Teens

A place where Mom's that have Premature babies, Twins/ Multiples and teenagers can help each other out, talk about the kids development, share/ swap stories/ and ask advice. Post pictures of your child and make the community a friendly one for all moms to enjoy!



I have one set of twin girls they are 15mo i am a single parent , a student and i work. What are some things i can do to keep them entertained and me not losing my mind? Any...


Solid Foods

My twins are 4 months old, born 10 weeks early. Everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to start giving them solid foods, but I don't think they could even start handling...



My teenagers were preemies. Now they are 17 and with such attitude, they act like they hate me or I'm stupid. Does anyone else have this problem with their teenagers?



HI, I am a single mother of two wonderful teenagers one is 12 (preteen I guess) and the other is 14. I just recently had the amazing little miracles of my life my twins girls....



hello everyone thought i would get things started by asking, how early were your children? and what sex? i think i was quiet lucky because my girls were 5 weeks early. we did...