1) Anyone from Iowa? 2) Women who want babies born early

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Hi. I'm from Iowa. Is there any other preemie moms out there from Iowa? I'm just curious. We did March for Babies this year for March of Dimes. Both of our kids were preemies. One was in the NICU and one wasn't, but almost was a few times. I was in the hospital for 5 1/2 weeks with my first baby due to preeclampsia and in and out of the hospital and on bed rest a week before that. We don't know why my second baby was born early. My water just broke.

People don't understand what it's like to have a high risk pregnancy and preemies. It really bothers me when women say they want their babies to come early even if it's 6 weeks early! I tell them that they don't want that and that they don't want a chance of their child being in the NICU. They tell me that that wouldn't happen to their babies. That makes me feel like it was my fault that I had preemies. Some people are so insensitive.


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Samantha - posted on 06/13/2010




i had mine at 37 weeks and he had to be on a heating table and on the oxygen hood for a day at least, and everything is find with him now thank goodness, but i don't think any parent should want their child that early!!!

Emily - posted on 06/13/2010




I'm not from Iowa.. but it bothers me too when pregnant moms say things like they hope their babies come early. Like as early as 35/36 weeks. Thankfully my 30-weeker has been perfectly healthy, but I wouldn't wish an early baby on anyone. Bake your babies as long as you can!

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