2 preemies !

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I have 2 boys (ages 21 & 8) They were both premature babies. In 1987 I was pregnant with twins & lost one in the 2nd trimester. Then went into labor at 28.4 wks. I was hospitalized when my water broke & they expected to keep me for at least 6 weeks...I ended up delivering my first baby at 29 wks. He had pneumonia, underdeveloped lungs, extremely jaundiced. He is now 21yrs old, he's 6ft tall & healthy as a horse, He's in the US Marine Corps! 7 months later I ended up with a serious sceptic infection, my apendix ruptured & I persevered for 8 yrs of one abdominal surgery after another ! They attributed all of the complications to the miscarriage of the twin that left tissue & bacteria grew, over the course of time it "fermented," if you will & was dismissed as a "typical post partum low grade infection" I was given antibiotics & discharged along my way.

My 2nd child was conceived after I went thru my last surgery...a miracle !!! He too was premature

but they had me listed as a high risk due to my history. I went into labor at 26wks & they hospitalized me, put me on magnesium & stopped my labor 3x in 3months. I was on complete bedrest, only permitted to be out of bed 1 hr per day...what a long haul that was! He ended up being born 1month early with no complications ! He is now 8yrs old & healthy as a horse!

I must say...the doctors & nurses I had were INCREDIBLE at both hospitals & I learned so much from these pregnancies! Life is truly a MIRACLE !!!


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The firt time I fell pregnant I lost the baby at 5 weeks and the second time I lost it at 10 weeks and had to have a D&C but then 5months later fell pregnant again and had my daughter 4 weeks early, all that was wrong was she had done a poo on the way out and didn't breath to start with but did very quickly and only needed to be in hospital for a week. Then I fell pregnant when my daughter was 10 months old and had my second daughter 6 weeks early. Her lungs weren't developed properly either and she had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks. Then at 6 weeks (her due date practicly) she got pnemonia too and was in for another 2 weeks, and the doctors said it was cause of her lungs not being fully developed at birth. But then at 3 1/2 months she got Bacterial Meningitis and almost died but only in for three weeks. Then when she was 6 months I fell pregnant with twins and lost the first one at 6 weeks and the second one at 7 1/2 weeks, that was heart breaking. But last year she turned 4 in Nov and I had my third daughter full term in Oct. I'd like to try for a boy sometime but I am scared the last one could have just been a fluke and I really don't want to have another miscarriage.

Valerie - posted on 01/31/2009




Congrats - it's always such a relief to hear the success stories and to know that even though they started out so small and fragile that they can and do grow up. You must be so proud!

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