Any ideas on building up immune systems!!!!PLEASE

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My little Miracle Ian was born 9 weeks early due to me having preeclampsia!!! He was 2lbs 10.5 ozs! He was only on the oxygen for a couple hours and CPAP for 2 days he was on an apnea monitor for the first 4 months of his life but then seemed fine. When he was born they said his immune system was only built up to that of a 20 week old gestation basically his immune system was about 9 weeks behind him. When we brought him home I refused to take him outside the house unless absolutely necessary I was so afraid he would catch something. Now at 17 months his immune system is still not built up to where it should be and he gets sick so easy. Now he has RSV! He had the shots last year but doc said they weren't necessary this year!!! His dr has been great about taking care of every issue I come in complaining about and sometimes theres alot but with somethings he just kinda blows it off as me being just a worried mom which of course I am what mother isn't LOL!!!! Ian's immune system is way better but it's still not where it should be and the dr only idea was give him yogurt and keep a close eye on it!!! So I guess my question is does anyone have any other ideas on how to build up his immune system so my little man stops getting sick!!!!


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Babies, particularly preemies, have to build an immune system. They start out being protected by and taking on Mom's. Hoever, at some point they must develop their own. Do not vaccinate over and over again on a preemie! Poor thing. Their systems are so much more fragile than a more developed baby and they stay a little behind until their bodies are fully grown...that is 17 years of age!

Sickness is his building an immune system. His body is learning to fight of and build up an immunity to the millions of viruses out there. He does not need over exposure to the viruses, but more protection so his body is not overwhlemed by the number of viruses he must adjust to and develop an immunity to.

Just help with the symptoms and let this miracle of a body he has adjust over time and you will fine by age 5 to 6 that he is no longer sickly or fighting off illnesses all the time.

Watch for serious symptoms where bacterial infections get involved (it usually takes a week or more to develop a bacterial infection) and get that treated, but to not let him live on antibiotics because this kills off the good bateria that asists him in building a healthy immune system.

Too many mother treat viruses with an antibiotic that does nothing to the virus, but harms their child's ability to fight off the actual viral infection and build up a resistance to a particular virus. antibiotics ONLY assist in killing off bacterias not viruses.

Baterial infection a child's body can fight off as well,b ut most kids have been so heavily medicated over their young lives that their bodies no longer contain the right bacterias to fight back and require an antibiotic or the bad bacterias would kill them.

Look at third world kids. They live through everything with little to no medical attention. Yes many die, but MOST live and are more healthy than American children. They do not over medicate in these countries.

I grew up there with a mother that was a nurse and have seen more healthy children in Asia than America in the last thirty years.

Of my 10 kids the young adults (16 and up) are the only ones vaccinated. All of my children are extremely healthy (one has been to India for 2 months) and none have been on antibiotics more than once in their lives and a couple have never had them!

We have had illnesses that would wipe us all out for 2 months at a time, but now that the baby is 4 years old and my oldest 25 we have not been sick in 2 years!

My best wishes to your family

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I have had heard really good things about Probiotics. Look into them; you can get Infant Probiotics at any health food store and it increases the good bacteria in their digestive tract, which is where most illnesses start.

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My son was 11w early and also took the RSV vaccines for the first cold season. He started daycare at 8 mos and I think that helped him even though he caught every little but that went around. Even after he was 1, I noticed he would almost always get sick within a few days of us going out to a restarant or groc store. At 18 mos, he had severe wheezing and had to be hospitalized for 4 days. We did breathing treatments the rest of that cold season and the next. It just took time. Now he is 3.5 and has only had 1 cold this fall/winter. We started giving him vitamins also when he turned 2.

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