Anyone dealt with Physical therapy?

Ashley - posted on 09/17/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 4.5months/3adjusted, her peditrician is referring us to see a physical therapist. She can turn her head left and right when she wants to but favors her right side the most. She also does not like to lay down. When we mentioned this to the Dr. she said it could be because her neck muscles are too tight and we should see a PT just in case. Has anyone delt with physical therapy? Or anything similar to this?


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Kristine - posted on 09/23/2012




Hey Ashley, I have twins that were born at 24 weeks, just over a pound each and we were in the hospital for 5 monthes. We have been home a 7 weeks now, and PT has been a huge thing for my boys. They started seeing a physical therapist about 3months into their time in the NICU. The therapist would come into their room and work with them about 3 times a week. He would just do stuff like sit them on his lap and let them hold their heads up, put pressure on their feet to try to make them push off of their feet, he would put them against him and try to call them on either side of their heads and have them turn their heads towards him. My husband and I were freaked out at first because we always saw them as china dolls, but he said the more we work with them, the better. So now we have a physical therapist coming to the house, and she says they are doing great, that they are right where they need to be. We have seen a specialist for my one son who had brain bleeds when he was born, and she says that there are no signs of his bleed at all. And a huge part of them doing so good is because of the physical therapist that worked with them so early in the NICU. So YES it is a great thing for your daughter, she will benefit from it greatly. I wasn't sure at first, but we have seen the rewards greatly. My boys are 6 months/2 months adjusted and right on track. Good Luck! =:)

Michelle - posted on 09/17/2012




I have dealt with a PT - they were AMAZING! There was the same issue with my daughter (she favoured one side over the other) They do a simple test where they lay the child down on their back on a couch or something similar with their head over the edge and stretch the neck to each side. It sometimes makes the baby cry (obviously it's a bit of an awkward position) but it's harmless and is done in a minute or so. They found my daughter didn't have the tightened muscles but that she just favoured one side, so they gave me exercises to practice using the other side. Within a week things started to change. Physio also helped with things like sitting, crawling, walking, etc. My daughter "graduated" her phsyio just before her first birthday (9 months corrected) and though I was happy, I was also sad because they were so helpful and I'm sure she's doing as well as she is now because of the help! Good luck and keep us updated on how you and your daughter are doing :)

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