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My 10 month old preemies are about 61/2 7 months adjusted. They ate fine from the bottle until about 4 months old. All of a sudden they got so disorganized. Ive tried every nipple and bottle that money can but and its seems like if i didnt give them a bottle on a schedule theyd never eat at all. It seriously makes me cry a lot. They take only between 4-7oz. 4 times a day but god knows how many if i didnt just feed them. They eat food beautifully!!! They each have a yogurt a vegetable and fruit mixed with cereal a day. I dont know what to do to get them to eat the bottle better. They suck and suck and suck and its takes forever for any formula to get down and they just seem worn out after taking the bottle. They are in speech therapy for months and its doesnt seem to do any good. Is it possible for a baby to not get hungry. I know i know dont ignore the hunger signs but they stick everything in their mouth all day so thats not the issue they just dont seem to enjoy bottles. Please help any advice? Anyone going through the same problem?


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hey sorry to hear about your feeding, hang in there my twins were born at 26 weeks and Bobby took to the bottle (any bottle) like a fish to water as soon as the feeding tube was removed but Claudia faught the bottle fearcely so much so that she was kept in hospital almost a month longer than Bobby and even after she was released we had a nurse comming over every day to weigh her and ensure she was at least eating some of her milk. I can honestly say I understand the frustration of it all but I learned that this is a common problem for preemies and even though it seems you can't get through it eventually they all will eat so hang in there. Bobby and Claudia are now 3 1/2 years old and Claudia is a very good eater and likes trying new things. Good luck.

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