Getting really preemie doesn't cry

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My daughter is a little over two months and still in the NICU. She's started getting her two month vaccines and we've noticed that she doesn't cry. I've pointed it out before and everyone just attributes it to her being a "really good baby". Could something be wrong?

At the most we'll hear a grunt every now and again but that's it.


Nicole - posted on 01/28/2010




I used to say the same thing about my premmie - she never cried! And I came to realise that while they are in the NICU they are catered for at all times, they are fed on a time schedule and not on demand, so they have no need to cry, they are handled as little as possible (cause they sleep more than being awake) and are more content at being left alone, so they have no need to cry.
My bub discovered her lungs when she came home because I would rather feed on demand than on a time schedule. And man did she discover her lungs!!! LOL!

Caroline - posted on 01/27/2010




My 2 month early now 5 monther has just started to cry now and boy does she cry! She makes a noise that puts hairs on your back! Everyone used to say what a settled baby she was. Good luck and enjoy it while it lasts!

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hey! i felt the same way when we were in the nicu, my daughter was born at 28 weeks and we spent 3 months in the nicu, well she was in there she never cried she only grunted and sounded like a sheep or something!, the day we brought her home she cried for the first time!

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She will be okay, they grunt at front and then the grunts will turn into a cry, when their very small they don't cry much until they get a certain weight and size.

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I can tell you when my baby was in the NICU she was the same way. She never cried when we were around. I even asked if she cried for them and they said the same thing. Now she was in there for only 2 weeks but once we got her home she didn't really cry that often but that lasted for a couple days. Now she does cry when she wants to be changed or eat or just cuddle. I wouldn't be too worried about it unless the doctor start to say something.

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My girls were born at 31 weeks. Janet was 3pounds 8ounces. For the first year she didn't cry when she got vaccinations. She is still a much happier child than her fraternal twin. I wouldn't worry. Preemies make funny and different sounds than full term babies. It is quite normal. If the doctors and nurses aren't concerned then you shouldn't be either. I assume they have done some basic hearing tests just to see if she responds etc.
Communication with the doctors and nurses is critical. Don't be shy. Ask them and take as much time with them as you need. They get paid a ridiculous amount of money. They can stop and talk to you. Be bold with any concerns you have.

I really wouldn't worry about the crying though. I pray your girl goes home soon!
Candy in MO

Kim - posted on 01/27/2010




My daughter was a 29 wk preemie, who is now 20 months, also never cried in the NICU or really at home either. Now the terrible twos have started early (she is always early) is throws her fits about everything. But she is still really tough when it comes to shots and the doctors office, she just looks at them like "what are you doing?" but no tears. Just like the other moms have said no worries unless the docs start to worry.

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My LO didn't cry either. Even after he came home he rarely cried. Everyone said what a good baby he was but I found it hard to know what he wanted and when (i.e. fed) because he hardly made a sound. He's 2 now and much more vocal, both with words and crying - he's turning into a chatterbox.

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No worries! Mine didnt cry either. I think that they adapt to not being held all the time and they are content where they are. My premie will be turning 10 this year and I cant get him to be quiet!!! But be prepared, ur second one may not stop crying. Thats how it was for me. I was so blessed with having a "non crier" my first time around, that my second one was a challenge.

Ashlie - posted on 01/25/2010




My daughter never cries either! She is almost 4 months and she will only get fussy and grunt! Ive been blessed with a good baby just like you =) my daughter was 6 weeks early and i thought it was because of her breathing problems but nope shes healthy now and still not a crier. We are just the lucky ones =) good luck ♥

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I remember my family and friends coming to visit my son in the NICU and even when he came home at 5 weeks old and they would say, "Does he ever cry"? Let me tell you...when he discovered he can make noise (about 3 months old)... Now people say, "Wow, he's loud"!

The nurses always told me that he didn't cry because he was a good baby. They also told me a good baby comes from having a good mommy! :)

Jennifer - posted on 01/25/2010




It could very well be that she is just a really good baby. Also, preemie's lungs are not as strong as they should be and she may just not have the energy to cry. Mine didn't cry much either and when he did it was so quiet you could barely hear it.

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Dont worry, mine didnt cry either. The doctors told me that that was normal, so did the preemie rn's at UCSF. My daughter didnt cry until she was about 5 months old. I even took her to the doctor about it and he too said that was normal. I do very minimal vaccinations just to be on the safeside. and I also space them far apart and do only one at a time.

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