Going back to NICU for a freindly Visit, any advice?

Pamela - posted on 10/21/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter was born 11/21/08, 30 weeks, 2 lbs 6 oz,she spent 38 days in the NICU. After six days she got an infection that nearly took her life. She only spent 2 days total of the 38 on a vent. That is great for 30 week old baby, usually the lunds don't devlop until 31 weeks. We brought her home the day after Thanksgiving and she weigh 3 lbs 12 oZ. I was terrified, I knwe how to take care of her in the NICU but nurses were always there. We were blessed and she did not come home on any machines or medicine. I read all the stories about other babies and feel so lucky. Today my baby gril turned 2! She is doing wonderful, she is still tiny, only 19,5 lbs but devleopemt wise she is on target.

Tomorrow we are going back to the NICU for the first time for a freindsly visit to see the wonderful nurses that took care of her. Any advice? I am afraid I am going to cry the entire time.

Thank you and good luck to all premie's out there.



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Cat - posted on 11/09/2010




I always bring cookies, chocolates, or some other kind of treat (a big batch for dayshift and another big batch specifically for nightshift - NEVER FORGET NIGHTSHIFT! :-D)
And kudos to you, Mama! That is WONDERFUL progress for a 30 weeker! :-D

Aspen - posted on 10/22/2010




this is a bit late lol but taking lots of pictures with the nurses is awesome. My husband and I go back to the NICU once a year with both our preemies for a visit. The nurses and staff LOVE seeing the babys they have helped, as they grow.I have more pictures now of the nurses as I never thought to take any during our NICU stay. The nurses also LOVED taking pictures of my girls. Have fun and don't worry if you get emotional!! If all goes well make it a yearly trip :o) I hope you had a wonderful re-visit :o)

Susan - posted on 10/22/2010




My son was also born at 30 weeks weighing 2 lbs 13 oz, and we went for a visit to the NICU when he was about two. It was a really special time! It was so encouraging to them to see how well he was doing. He was also very tiny, but spoke in complete sentences and said please and thank you! For me, it was interesting to see the tiny babies there (who were WAY bigger than he had been) and realize how God had protected me from understanding how tiny he really was so I wouldn't worry. It never occurred to me that he might be in any danger, I always had this tangible peace about him, even in the midst of tubes and machines and difficulties. It was shocking to me during the friendly visit when I saw a baby about double his birth weight and finally realized why strangers who saw him through the window always looked so alarmed.

I thought I would cry too, but I didn't. I think it will encourage you, and the nurses.

Happy birthday to your baby! You have so much to look forward to!

Mia - posted on 10/22/2010




Geez I think I'd cry too! I'm sure just seeing how well she's doing will make their day. Just thinking about it is upsetting still, still all very clear so you're great to want to go back there. All the best with your visit!

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