Has anyone else had problems with feedings? twin boys 4mts corr


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Laura - posted on 09/07/2012




My son was born at 33wks and didn't know how to suck,so he had a tube down his nose which made him lazy, I took him home at 35wks and it was tough because although he found out how to suck I was told u hold him in to me so he would always fall asleep without drinking much,mhowever my health visitor told me not to hold him close as he got too comfortable, also to put u finger gently under his chin so if he stopped sucking I'd move my finger so he'd remember what he was meant to be doing,

Chelly - posted on 08/13/2012




my daughter was born at 36 weeks. she's eating good, but won't want latch on to the breast. I was worried about her not eating Enough when I took her home' but she gained weight. As long as they are gaining weight they should be fine. Best thing to do is talk to her doctor. When my little one was in the nicu, one nurse would tell me one thing, and another something else. I got told not to wrap her, and her doctor told me too.

Also how much to they weight? That also can be a reason. I was told under four pounds they like to fall a sleep. Now that I have my little one home I let her eat then burn her. In the hospital I had to stop have way threw. She would fall a sleep on me. Sometimes now she does that if I stop her

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