Hey moms! Please share your past/current Feelings, Worries, and Troubles with having a premature baby??

Kelsey - posted on 08/24/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




This is for you all the super-strong moms out there who had to be away from their baby due to many health-related issues. While your baby(s) was in the NICU what worried you? What were some of your fears or troubles bringing home your precious but small "handful" of joy?

For me...I was soo worried about the long-term health of my daughter as soon as I knew I had to have her early. (and that didn't make the whole 'coping' with having her early, making things easier for me. I had my daughter early because of preeclampsia. I only had one ultrasound and I had no idea what my daughter looked like or how big she was or if she had all her fingers..I was so scared to even have her.

Once she was born, it took me awhile to recover but I still tried my hardest to see her. I dont remember all the days I went to the NICU to see her, which makes me sad. (this is when I was still in the hospital recovering.) I was told that I was pushed into the NICU from my bed because they didn't want me up walking...

To make things easier on me, she recovered very well in the NICU. She was such a strong baby. She only was on the c-pap for a few days. Within a week she was breathing on her own. Once and awhile she would forget to breath, so she needed extra caffeine. Other than that, she had troubles keeping her body temperature stable. Within a few weeks, she was ready to move into an open crib! She was in an open crib for 2 weeks maybe, and came home. Total time in the NICU was a few days over a month. I stayed home with her, so I was extra cautious of my germs and taking her out! I didn't take her out until Thanksgiving and Christmas, and even in between those Holidays she always stayed inside with me. I do not know how some parents do it when they need to go back to work. Do they put their preemie into a daycare??


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Raquel - posted on 08/29/2011




My son was 10 weeks early and weighed in 4lb 5oz. he has apnea (holding breath), brady cardia (heart), he's gassy and has reflux. the nurses and dr's at the nicu were very helpful and telling my husband and i the meds he was taking and what to expect when we take him home. when he did come home he left with a monitor on so the neonatologist can see his progress with his apnea and brady cardia. he also came home with a bunch of meds to (caffeine for his heart, zantac for reflux, mylicon for gas, and vitamins.) I was worried about the monitor the most. They said that he has to be on it when we're not with him, while he's sleeping, or if either my husband or i take him out in the car.

Alison - posted on 08/29/2011




I was worried about getting my baby home, about fending off people who didn't agree with me not breastfeeding in the hospital (I pumped), a nurse I didn't really like, moving, and my husband getting a job. It was a very emotional and stressful time and I ended up back in the hospital while my baby was still there to get a DNC.

Amanda - posted on 08/27/2011




My son was 13 weeks early and spent 3 whole months in the NICU. We were really worried about him when he was born because he had issues breathing. After that was under control we didn't really worry about him in the NICU. The NICU is amazing and take wonderful care of babies:) My biggest concerns with bringing him home was sick people. I was super strict with visitors washing their hands and definitely didn't let any kids around him during the winter months. I also didn't take him out into the public until about May. Except for Dr. appts. After all that, he still hasn't gotten sick:) Now it's summer time and he LOVES going everywhere with me:)

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