hi there. my little girl is 13 months snd was 7 weeks prem. l am having another baby. a girl! l am 20 weeks and me and my hubby are very excited. the doctors say it was a spontanious birth that was the reason for going into labour at 33 weeks. just wondering do yous think there a high chance of having another premie. lm raking it real easy taking time to out my feet up. but it would be great to here wats yius think. carrie


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Carrie. - posted on 10/23/2011




Thank you so much amanda l will ask my ob you've helped me alot. Wish you all the best with your next. Thanks again. carrie.

Amanda - posted on 10/23/2011




I also had a premature son due to preeclampsia at 27 weeks. I'm also 18 week pregnant again. I'm seeing a high risk doctor as well as my regular OB. If you are worried about another preterm birth you should ask your OB to refer you to a perinatal doctor as well. They watch you closely and do extra ultra sounds to make sure everything is ok:) But taking it easy should definitely help too! Good luck!!

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