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Hey everyone! My name's Hannah. I'm a holistic health coach focusing on women who are trying to get pregnant, currently are pregnant, and who have just had babies! I'd love to know what some of your biggest concerns are surrounding the love and care of a premature child. I really look forward to hearing from you!


Katrina - posted on 03/03/2011




Hi I have two 30 weekers, one who is now 12 months and the other 13 weeks. Are you after in hospital or at home concerns? Consitancy of care in hospital especially if a big hospital is a huge concern, I had my daughter in a large NICU unit and there was no consistancy of staff with the turn over of so many meaning you only had same nurse two shifts in a row and that would be it and you would have to start all over again with each new nurse that didnt know you or your baby! Very frustrating and hard! My son was in our home town a smaller SCBU unit with the staffing small so they really got to know you and your baby and was much more personal and caring. They took much better care of use because of this and our holistic health was much better!!!! Bonding with nicu baby is hard due to all the machines, wires, the incubator, lack of physical contact etc, and as a result mum and das suffer a lot! If more could be done to support parents holistic health as a whole then the baby would benifit too. I love having my babies home as it makes the bonding easier and slowly strengthens as you feel like a mum ratehr than an extra. Premmies can have so many issues health wise that it can be hard to feel you are meeting all their needs as you struggle to meet your own. If you want me to clarify anything or have specific questions which may be easier to answer let me know. I would love to help you with this

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