how do you help a premmature child learn how to speak?


Felicia - posted on 03/04/2010




I read books, interacted with my son, and made sure that when I was talking to him that it was slow. My son was born at 24 weeks. The specialist told me when we was released from the NICU that to be patient with him as far as his learning for a while due to being a premie he would most likely have some delay. My son finally said his first work at year and half but it was till he was 2 that you could really understand him. I took him to a speech therapist and they said as long as his hearing test was ok and that he was making sounds and trying to talk then not to worry about it unless by the time he was 3 and still wasnt talking. Hope this helps you in some way and good luck with your little one.

Anna - posted on 03/01/2010




my son was born at 28 weeks @ 1lb and 14oz. He didn't udder sounds until he was close to a year old, it wasn't til he was closer to 2 years old that he spoke his first word. We were able to provide him with speech therapy has early as 2 years old. They said we could've started earlier. I also taught him sign language and this reduced his frustration in communicating with us a great deal. We would still speak and read to him, but we would incorporate some important signs for him..(eat, milk, help, more, thank you, no, yes and play) My son is now 5 years old and chattering up a storm and is still in speech therapy at school but he's doing just great. Hope that helps you.


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Pamela - posted on 03/07/2010




My daughter seems to be on track for what her full term brother did, but I am also using sign language. Baby Enstien has a video called first signs, that will be all you need to get thru 2 years or so when they start saying everything. I say the word and sign it at the same time. My daughter, now will sign and say some words.

Tiffany - posted on 03/05/2010




I'm constantly talking to my son! So far I can tell he wants to speak badly and he's trying to pronounce his baby words at 7 months.

Candace - posted on 03/04/2010




I talk to my son and read to him. He was born twelve weeks early and 1lb 8 oz. He is saying words now like he says hi, okay, da da, and sometimes try to say other words. He's now 71/2 months chronological 51/2 corrected. I also read to him and sing to.

Pip - posted on 03/01/2010




Hi I'm Pip, my twins wereborn at 30 weeks exactly, 1lb 13oz and 2lb 7oz, they are 20mths now. One speaks fine, the bigger one, the other has alot of trouble. I'm trying my best to help, sounding words, showing him my mouth moving, it just isn't happening. So I'm booking in for speech therpy. Good Luck

Emily - posted on 02/28/2010




Just like any other child... read to them, talk to them, involve them in conversations. If there are delays, consult with a speech therapist.

Sarah - posted on 02/28/2010




I would say as long as there were no problems with his or her vocal cords or hearing talk to him or her and sounding out words and let them see how ur mouth moves to make the sounds.

Steph - posted on 02/28/2010




i think it would be the same way u would with every other child. read books

help them spell words out. i got a premmie as well

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