I can't remember how I got my first child to take the sippy cup, any suggestions?


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Amanda - posted on 08/15/2009




I just removed all bottles from the house when she was 10 months old and gave her a sippy cup that had the soft tip, like a baby bottle and had her use that until she was walking and able to adjust, then I moved on to the hard topped sippy cups.

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My sin never drank from a regular sippy cup either. He actually wasn't fond of the bottle either so at a very young age we had to teach/encourage him to drink from a straw, He did much better with that. I think with the sippy, it was a matter of tipping it over enough to get something out. He had an easier time with the straw and was able to get what he needed and we just practiced tipping with regular bathroom sized cups and a bit of water until he caught on.

Traceya - posted on 08/14/2009




I found that my son wouldn't take the sippy cup but he did well with a strew cup.

Angelica - posted on 08/11/2009




At about 1 year old I just took the bottle away from my son and I also hid all the bottles from my house. It was challenging at first but it worked. You just got to stick to it and not give your child the bottle. Hope this helps!

Chrissy - posted on 06/10/2009




Our daughter couldn't use the "trainer" sippy cups - the valves that kept them from leaking make them hard to drink from. She chewed on them, but never got liquid out. We switched to the Nuby one that is a pressure valve, and she took to it immediately. We also gave it to her to start at every meal, so if she was hungry, that's what was there.

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The sippy my son liked best was made by Nuby - the one that has the soft (silicone?) top - probably because it was most like a bottle nipple.

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It took awhile for my son to take the sippy, at first all he wanted to do was chew on it. I just kept offering it to him instead of the bottle and eventually he got the idea. I also had to try several different sippys until I found one he liked. Our pediatrician actually told us to skip the sippy and go right to a plastic cup but I wasn't too fond of that idea - my son doesn't have the motor skills yet to handle a cup.

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