Is my 28 week premmie with IVH grade 2 be a normal child?

Ana - posted on 04/29/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter was born at 28 weeks weighing 2.4 lbs due to TTTS, my other daughter (Mia) passed the way the same day they where both born.
Allegra was diagnosed with IVH grade 3 by the radiologist, and then grade 2 by the neurologist. (right side)
They scanned her 3 times already and she has no sign of the bleed. It reabsorbed!!!
She is now 4 months and she has been responding to the respective milestones... She smiles, holds her head, etc.
The doctor says he expects her to be a normal child according to all of the things she has gone through... (ROP 2, AND BDP healed on its own already).
We still have to get her checked, since he says a scar could be in her brain... did you have a baby with a similar diagnosis? what should I expect?


Ginger - posted on 04/30/2012




I am sure you are aware of the possable side effects, however children's brains do grow so much more than any other age. With that they possess the ability to heal and grow like no other time in life, Hence all the studies with stem cells. Sooo I am certain that as long as you continue to encourage her milestones and work with her on cognitive skills as much as she still finds entertaining she will make remarkable strides. There isn't much of a way to know one way or the other. If brain scanns showed dead brain tissue, even that isn't neccasarraly a give up all hope (for me I mean i would brace myself for the worst, but hope and try for the best). My Grandma had a massive stroke and while those pathways were fried, the brain eventually can make a differant route to the same destination over time with plenty of practice. Scaring on the brain can sometimes result in seizures, but an infant brain does possess the capabilities to heal better than any other age. You didn't mention that she is having siezures. Sounds like she is doing quite well. I have noticed with most people who have had some set backs or difficulties if you treat them as if nothting were wrong and work on things that need to be worked on and praise progress they have the best chance of making it past the obstacle.


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Kate - posted on 04/29/2012




i looked it up, grade 2 is quite common and very rarely has further side effects/complications :)

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