"just give him more cereal"

Brittany - posted on 04/05/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




my son was born at 29 weeks and had apnea do to being a preemie, so they put him on caffeine to help him with that and it did. when he came home we still had to give him caffeine for awhile. then the doctors took him off the caffeine before he was ready so we had to do what they called a load dose. we had to give him a bunch of it the first time and then after that it was smaller doses. well during that load dose the caffeine burned his throut down to his tummy and he got really bad acid reflux. so he was but on medication for that. well now he is 8 months old and 13.7 pounds and the meds aren't enough so my doctor told me to feel him cereal 3 times a day and put a teaspoon of cereal in every ounce of formula i put in his bottle. it seems like a lot to me and now he isn't eating like he used to. has anyone else been told to feed their child that much cereal? and do you think it would be smart if i just put 1/2 a teaspoon an ounce?


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Kelly - posted on 04/26/2009




If you are able to, I would strongly suggest you seek the help of an infant chiropractor (or cranio sacral therapist). My daughter had reflux and I began taking her to cranio sacral therapy...her reflux was virtually gone within 2 weeks. If it is within your means, chiropractics really does work some miracles without the use of pharmecueticals.

Rika - posted on 04/26/2009




we were also told to try cereal for reflux, my daughter was born at 24.5wks, they told us to put up to 1TBS per oz of breastmilk. she also had issues with constipation so rice cereal was out for us because it made the constipation much worse. what i found i needed to do was give approx 4TBS of oatmeal per 6.5 oz bottle. but i also added a lil bit of prune juice in too to help with constipation. it worked wonders the reflux was a lot better and she started to be more regular. good luck!

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Yes, we were told to give a lot also. It was ridiculous the amount we were told to give him. I did it one time and that was enough for us. He told us a TBS for every oz. Have you tried Dr. Brown's? Or the playtex nurser? We used those for our son. They worked pretty good. They did not eliminate the reflux, but it did help. Eventually he should grow out of it. Until he does, do what works for you. If it seems too much, cut back. You know your baby the best. Are you using rice? We had to quit rice because it made my son constipated. We switched him to whole grain baby oatmeal. It did not interfere with his stools. Good Luck. I hope you can get it figured out, for his tummy's sake.

Liz - posted on 04/06/2009




Well the cereal is going to bind him up, which means it's going to make it harder for him to pass a stool than it would be normally for him. Especally with so much cereal he's getting.

Lynne - posted on 04/06/2009




I'm trying to remember when DS had cereal in his bottles for his reflux. I want to say it  was 1tsp per oz. Try feeding him upright (sitting), keep him upright for no less than 30 min after eating, either hold him or in bouncy seat or swing. keep his head elevated in his crib too (we put a piece of wood under one end of the crib.

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