my 21 month old has a bad cough runny nose

Bridgette - posted on 12/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




he has a a bad cough and runny nose for a month now i took him o the doctors several times because he is a preemie baby and has russell silver syndrome so i try to be as cautious as possible the doc. gave him an inhaler and told me to try nose spray and tylenole but that still doesnt seem to be helping she said theres no need for an xray bcuz his lungs sound clear. do u think i should make them give him one even though they sound clear or is there anything else i can try to give him to help?


Danielle - posted on 12/20/2010




check out the symptoms of RSV, not to worry you, but last winter i thought my girls just had a bad cold and thats what it was and we ended up in picu for a week, and that can lead to pneumonia. If he's having trouble sleeping try keeping him in swing or bouncer, the elevation helps them breathe and relax better, also vicks baby rub and vaporizer with vicks. If your really worried, skip the doctor and take him to urgent care or the hospital, they will do more worj there and you'll feel better too.


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Pamela - posted on 12/25/2010




Do you go to a respiratory Dr? We had to go for the Synagis (RSV) shots. They gave me a nebulizer that works great when they are sick.

Jennifer - posted on 12/22/2010




Both my boys, one was preemie, seem to have a constant runny nose and often a cough because of the drianage. They catch virus' "colds" eaisier, but everytime the pedi calls it upper respatory, and thier lungs are clear. I actually got my own stethascope when my 4yr old (the preemie) was little because I needed to hear it myself. We've done lots and lots of allergy testing and everything comes back negative, so we atill treat it like allergies but it is very hit or miss because we don't know exactly what he's allergic to! Singulair and zyrtec help. When he's sick we do musinex during the day and delsym and bynadrle at bed. You would definately want to get your pedis recomendation on whatever you try giving him though! We also do the vics plug in and put vics on thier feet covering them with cotton socks for bed. Sometimes when the cough is bad we do a tablespoon of honey with the older one. Also especially if you live where it's cold and run a heater a humidifier can help.

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