My preemie is three now and is very hyper active , the dr. said it is more common in preemies. But?

Nikki - posted on 03/16/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am wondering if any other preemies are hyper active? He also gets frustrated easily and has difficulty "listening" when I try to show him "how" to do something. He angers easily and although he is spoiled , the way he acts is beyond just "spoiled" behavior. He throws temper tantrums too. MY other two children were full term so I am seeing these issues for the first time and can't help but wonder if his prematurity attributes to some of this. He was In the NICU for three months and they gave him so much medications to sustain his life so I wonder about possible long term affects of that as well. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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My son was born at 29wks and I am a former early childhood educator, current stay home Mom and foster Mom. It is true that hyperactivty and things like ADHD are linked to preemies. Also there is something called the "preemie temperment" which includes things like eaisly frustrted, tantrums, unfocused behaior and more that you might want to look into. There is a book called Preemies that I have found to be wonderful. It suggests having a full physc done around the age of 4/5yrs or just before they will be entering school. This is a good time because by 4/5 the child should be beyond dome of the behaviors that could just be developmental for 2/3yr olds and it gives you a baseline of info for later if anything does pop up once they start school.
My son has exhibited the behaviors you describe pretty much since birth! We call him our little drama king! When he turned three it intesified ten fold! Oh my goodness his tantrums!!! He will be four at the end of May though and slowly over this past year we have seen progress in his anger issues, attention, and everything. I believe he will struggle with these issues his whole life but that with guidence and continual persitant discipline he will be okay. Strong willed personalities can make the best leaders!
Have patience, be observant, and give him time. IF you really feel like something is up be persistant in getting it diagnosed, but follow your Mom's intuition. If there is one thing I've learned about preemies (through fostering) each and everyone is different!

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My 15 month old Son was born at 31 weeks gestation and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. He has always averaged about 2 months behind in feeding, cognitive, physical, and motor skills. He is extremely impatient and lacks tolerance big time, but not sure at this point if it means anything long term. What I do know is that prematurity and the male gender have proved to be largely associated with developmental, emotional, and behavioral delays. Everything from learning disabilities, ADHD, and even autism haunt so MANY more boys than girls. Unfortunately when we as parents admit our concerns to our chosen PCP's, they are scarily quick to throw diagnosis/medication management at us w/out properly testing our children. I'd be willing to bet that you know your boy better than anyone in is life, so only you know if and when the time comes to further investigate your concerns. We all want to trust our family Dr.'s, but if you are getting any confirmation of your worries on this subject....there are people in the medical field who specialize in the proper diagnosing and appropriate treatment based on their findings in each individual child. I know from experience that a presumptuous diagnosis and unneeded meds can cost you a piece of you and a large chunk of your child dealing with the side effects. I hope I have provided you with a little outside perspective. Take Care!! ~Kelly


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My son was born at 27 weeks, he is now 3 very active and demanding. Some days I struggle to keep up, his two older brothers are 18 & 19 both full term and were never this active or demanding. Although he is very intelligent and meets all the requirements for a 3 year old I'm struggling to keep up with him and try on a daily basis to slow him down

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Hyperactivity is a common sign in preemies, but remember every child is an individual, so they may have their own personalities and characters different from other siblings. My preemie is now seven and is still hyperactive, stubborn and very naughty. But my doc said i should not confuse preemie traits with personalities. The bottom line is most preemies are hyperactive no matter what age.

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My 4 year old son is very hyper active. He was born at 32 weeks. According to his pedi, his behavior is indicative of ADHD. I have trouble getting him to concentrate and keeping his concentration on things that need to be focused pronouncing the "L". His tantrums are quite bad. He is quite intelligent though and loving. I'll tell you one thing. He has 3 older siblings and really hasn't had his own space. Now that he has his own room, things are a bit more peaceful around here. He loves having his own space and this is the kid who clings to daddy and goes everywhere he goes. Now he'll go play in his own room for a while by himself....something we've struggled to get him to do for so long. So, give them their own space and let them stay in it by themselves while you are nearby.

You might try out a behavior chart. We didn't start it early enough with my son. Give your 3 year old 2 things to work on such pick up your toys and listen to mommy and daddy. Place stickers on his chart and let him earn prizes for good behavior. This might help you out.

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My preemie baby girl is 3 year old too, and she always have been hyper active and she really has a temper. My Dr. said the same, that is fairly common in preemies.

I'm not sure if is the medications or that their brain connections are more immature in some way...

But is well known too that they are very smart kids...let's hope so.

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