My waters broke at 23wks. Did anyone have similar to me?

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On the 13th of January 2012 I was 21 wks + and I started haemorrhaging badly. I went into hospital via ambulance and straight to labour ward where I was told I would probably deliver within 24 hrs due to the amount of blood loss ( 500ml ) . They said it was a threatened miscarriage. 3 days later they sent me home because I stopped bleeding red blood , it turned browny. They didn't know why I'd haemorrhaged and put it down to a burst blood vessel in the placenta. The scan on the following day showed no reason either for the bleed. A week later my waters broke , the back and the front waters in a brown fluid. Then I haemorrhaged again and rushed bk into hospital where they told me I'd deliver within 24 hrs and they would not resuscitate my baby if born as I wasn't 24 weeks, only nearly 23. I had a quick scan because I don't think they believed my waters had gone but it showed they had all gone. My baby heart beat dropped to about 100 . They kept saying he would die if born. 3 days later I was sent home as I'd not delivered and his heart rate went bk up to 160 ! I am now nearly 27 weeks and baby is still alive and no signs of labour. I leak fluid nearly everyday . I go to hospital twice a week for obs and bloods. Every two weeks I have a scan . Last one showed baby's tiny, only 1 Ib 5 oz and small for his gestation. I've had 2 infections which have cleared by anti biotics and I'm at home worried about outcome . Is there anyone out their who has experienced this or similar? How long did you go before labouring. Thanks Emma x


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My situation is a little be similar but different as well. I was pregnant w/ twin identical girls which we lost the heartbeat of my daughter Layla @ 23wks. My water broke @ 26wks in which I was admitted to the hospital until I delivered @ 34wk by C-Section. I did not have any infections during my rupture & it never affected my surviving daughter Addison. I was very grateful (not at the time because I was away from my 7yr old son) that my Drs (I had high-risk Drs & my OB-Gyn) admitted me to the hospital to keep a very close eye on me. I did go into labor a few times but it would stop on its own.......after A LOT of prayer. My fluids were measure twice a wk, an i received a ultrasound to check on the baby measuremenst every Friday. I was pee'd daily by my daughter, I leaked all the time. I know it would not be ideally but I would recommend that you talk to your Drs about being admitted to the hospital. For if anything were to happen, every little minute matters. I definetly believe there was no better place to be with all of the complication with my pregnancy. My daughter was 3lbs 14oz & spent 26days in NICU. Other than me getting steriod shots before she was born to help mature her lungs, she was healthy from her first breath. She just celebrated her 2nd birthday on Feb. 15 an is your average health toddler. I hope some of my story helps & good luck on your journey. Keep us updated on your process


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My water broke at 23 weeks with my 3rd pregnancy and was hospitalized until I delivered at 32 weeks, she's now a healthy 6 year old, my 4 baby water broke at 28 weeks and they did an emergency C-section 2 days latter because of infection she is now a pretty healthy 3 year old with up coming heart surgery! Our 5 pregnacy the water broke at 24 weeks and had an emergency C-section he was 1lb 5 oz and is now 16 months but is very sick with multiple problems and disabilities. He's had 14 major surgeries and will mentally and physically handi capped!

Hope all works out for yoy

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I didn't share this experience however I was hospitalised for a month before I had my twins and I shared a room with a lady who had the same problems, she also broke her waters at 23 weeks and had bleeds and infections. She was kept in hospital though once she had reached 24 weeks, so once the baby was considered viable. She did end up delivering a tiny 2lb boy at 29 weeks, we went through 7 weeks together in the NICU but her boy did fine. So good luck and hopefully things turn out well for you and your baby

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