PProm at 26 wks, color changing of amniotic fluid. Anyone had anything similar?

Trinity - posted on 04/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, I was wondering if anyone had anything similar like this happen?  I had my water break early at 26 wks 4 days, I've been in the hospital since then (3 weeks on Tuesday) just a couple of minor contraction here and there nothing serious, got the week of antibiotics and the steroid shots, I've been leaking since I've been in here but at my ultra sound I've had every week the fluid stays consistant and at a good enough level to keep her in, this morning at 29 wks 3 days my amniotic fluid turned from clear to very light red still no contractions that I'm aware of stress test was fine ultra sound today looked good still. My doctors told me it could be the placenta tearing from the uterine wall, or most likely I was starting to thin out, just wanting to if there was anything anyone could tell me that was similar to this and what happened. Thank so much.


Emily - posted on 04/03/2012




When my Prom waters changed color like that is the day I went into full labor. I noticed the color change around 3am when I got up to use the bathroom. My son was born @ 11:13am. I was 31 wks 3 days then and had been in the hospital since 28 wks 4 days when I went into preterm labor. My water didn't break until 30 wks 6 days while I was in the hospital. I had been on meds to stop contractions up until that piont but after my water broke they stopped them. Hospital policy. I did antibiotics then and had already had the steroid shots. My son was 3lbs 8oz at birth and only had to spend 28 days in the NICU to learn to eat and stay warm. He never needed any help breathing or anything!! Good luck :)

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