Preemie Twins - Non major long term effects just wierd maybe

NikaMomofTwins - posted on 11/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




This is prob. nothing major but I thought I'd toss it out there! My twins were born @ 7 months they did the NICU stink and additional harmones etc. They are now 4 and sometimes do things I think might be wierd! They are my only children and I dont really have any other kids around to base there wierdness level off of. So...
#1 They are scared of everything but only when we are outside. Loud sounds, people, mountains, flys, ants, music, birds, wind and the list goes on! Mind you when we are home and there are some of these things they are perfectly ok! Is this a preemie issue or just a wierdo issue lol? They have never been sheltered children, I have always tken them everywhere with me, so nothing is really new to them and alllllllll has been explained time and time again! I really hope they get over this already, it makes it hard to just go food shopping!
#2 They are 4 but already have under arm B.O., pimples and pubic hair. I wonder if this is due to all the harmones they pumped into them while they were so little. (they will hate me for this one one day lol)


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lol... To funny My Daughter is the complete opposite if you ask me she's lil to adventurous she touches everything ask's bout everything and she's about the same age she'll be 4 in April so I think its just them . As four the pimples and pubic hair that I have no clue my daughter got hormones also but she doesn't have that issue maybe you should ask your pediatrician.... Lisa

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Can't speak to #2 except to say that there are websites and support groups out there for Precocious Puberty. And that is an issue that often affects preemies (or any child who undergoes a serious health issue early in life). I would def learn more about it:

As for #1 it sounds like your twins have SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) with a hypersensitivity to sound. That can be very disconcerting and may cause learning issues when they begin school. There are occupational therapists who can help with this. Also, there are websites that can help fill you in on what SPD is and how you can mitigate it. Start here:

Jerosha - posted on 11/05/2010




Elei was never on hormones so cannt help with number two talk to your child health nurse or doctor ... but on the other issue what happens if they are seperated do they go to kindy or care or spend time with other family members without you and are they the same ie is this only a issue when with you (sorry but sometimes regardless of how much we love them we can pass these habbits onto them) can you make a joke over there issues ie. look here comes mr fly can you wave to mr fly ...etc. I know that Elei has really sensitive hearing, we cannt take her to fireworks etc. Sorry I wasnt really able to assist. :-)

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