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Hi, I am a mother of a baby that was a preemie and I recently read this online and wanted to warn any other mothers of preemies about baby slings that are being recalled. My babies loves their slings and I used to always put them in there so I could actually get stuff done so it really surprised me to read about a recall of slings where babies actually suffocated and died. I had one of these kinds of slings and thank god nothing ever happened to my baby but it got me thinking about preemies or newborns in slings might not be such a good idea. Posting link below of the sling recalled.


Marcy - posted on 03/25/2010




I did not use a sling until my daughter was 6 months old and weighed 12lbs. Babies need to have head control before they are put in slings because their airways are so small. Thanks for posting this. Not all new moms think about something that is supposed to make things easier, actually being a hazard to their little one.


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Emily - posted on 03/25/2010




Those slings are horrible and should have been recalled long ago. There are lots of very safe slings and carriers that do not put babies into positions like that sling did. Any carrier that causes baby's chin to go to their chest is a bad idea.. but like I said there are lots of safe slings, even for preemies. You just have to make sure they're upright and their airways are clear. Baby carriers and slings are wonderful for both moms and babies when used correctly.

Emily - posted on 03/25/2010




Thanks for posting this info! I had a sling and tried to use it for my daughter, but she was a summer baby and so would get to hot in it so I found a front carrried that could be used for a newborn. The baby faces in towards you and it had a head support that folds up for a newborn and then down when they are older and can face out. It was the perfect solution for baby wearing and no chance of suffocation because you can see their face at all times.

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