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Lisa - posted on 10/13/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son was born at 28 weeks and is now 6 1/2. He had acid reflux as a baby & is still very sensitive to textures in his food. Does anyone have any advice for me to get him to eat new foods? He prefers smooth textures like yogurt & pudding or baby food, but also will eat crunchy foods like crackers & chips etc...he just doesn't like mixed textures (smooth with unexpected lumps) The other problem is that when he does eat regular food ie. chicken or beef, pork etc he will hold it in his mouth forever & not chew it! We have had him tested for any swallowing issues & they say there is nothing there that causes this problem?! HELP!


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Risa - posted on 08/24/2017




My son was born at 27 weeks and is now 3 years old & still has texture issues as well. We just saw his GI Specialist yesterday and they are referring my son to see an occupational therapist for his texture issues because he is still very underweight and small for his age. This is due in part not only as a result of his prematurity but to the frequency of him being sick his first two years of life. I will revisit this thread once we visit the OT to give some tips from the visit with my son.

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My son was born at 31 weeks and he is the opposite, where he only liked crunchy items and nothing smooth. The recommendations I received was that he should actually play with his food, to get him used to the textures. I don't know if that will work with mixed textures, but it can't hurt. I mean we made pictures and paper plates and stuff like that and did not make him eat it. Now he will eat applesauce and a few other items.

My other thought is that maybe you can bring him to a speech therapist. They do swallowing therapy too or to an occupational therapist. Maybe even together they can help him get over the issues with textures. I know that they have both of these people in school as well as on the outside. Good luck!

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My 29-weeker was VERY sensitive to texture in foods. In fact, she would throw up if she ate the "wrong" thing. Now, at age 7, peanut butter still makes her gag if it sticks to the roof of her mouth.

The thing that helped us most was to give her an old toothbrush before a meal. I would let her chew on it while I prepared the food. It helped to desensitize her mouth a little bit.

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I have no advice, just commiserating. My almost three year old has some funny food things too! He always REFUSED stage three baby food because of those unexpected lumps - I could just tell he was like, "wait this is supposed to be pureed, not lumpy!"
He still prefers pureed fruits and vegetables to the solid versions - and no one has ever convinced him to even take a bite of pasta. Silly kid! i just make sure he is given plenty of healthy options for eating and snacking, and keep offering him stuff. like pasta. One day he might take a bite, and I don't know what day that will be.

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i think you should talk to a developmental therapist through an mr/dd facility ask your pediatritian about how to contact one or if you have something like help me grow in your area they may be able to refer you to someone. the reason i think you should do that is because they work with kids who have sensory sensitivities and they probably have some suggestions on how to work on developing your childs tolerance to textures

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My son born at 29 weeks is very sensative to textures as well. We've been working with a nutritionist latley. He tends to LOVE spicey-er, bolder flavors and will sometimes hold food in his mouth for hours as well because its lost flavor. Part of it is from being a preemie and part of it is from being a smartellic kid lol at least mine is anyway. So I guess the advice I can give you is, work with your spices making it more appealing to him. Part of not wanting to chew and just keep it in his mouth might be his jaw just needs strength so see if he'll eat taffy or beef jerky. Hope this helps! Im going through something similar!

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