Sleep positioner for baby?

Chona - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I moved my daughter to her crib, and she wakes up a few times a night upside down and backwards. I got a sleep position er to get her to stay put. She still ends up with her feet threw the slats and her head up against the side of the crib. Am I not using it correctly? Anyone else use a sleep positioner?


Jennifer - posted on 07/02/2009




We were advised not to use one by the NICU nurses, so never did. Did have the same problem with my son all over the crib. We did get a breathable bumper to put around the crib and that stopped his hands and feet from getting caught in the rails. Also swaddled him until he was about 10 months. At three he is still an all over sleeper! We had to move him to a twin bed at 2 1/2 because he was falling out of his toddler bed or bumping the rails and waking up!!! Good luck!


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Cassandra - posted on 07/03/2009




I swaddled my son until recently (about 10 months) and now he moves around a lot too, not consistently and not with legs/arms through the slats though.. I feel, if he wakes up he wakes up and I'll give him his pacifier lay him back straight and tuck him in as best I can, if he doesn't wake up I figure he doesn't mind. I have him wearing the pajamas with feet so that he won't get too cold, and he pretty much always sleeps through the night. But as I said, I don't worry too much, as long as he can't hurt himself or gets too cold.

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