So, the dreaded time for me to put my son in to day care so I can go back to work is approaching rapidly. I have found a great place, but there is one small issue. My son is 2 months old ( 3 weeks adjusted.. hes a preemie) and he has reflux. He takes cereal in his bottle at every feeding, and he is on zantac. The daycare does not allow cereal in bottles because its against DCFS guidelines. What should I do? I am very concerned that if he doesnt have the cereal, then he will have reflux episodes at the daycare.


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I'll ask them if I can use the Doctor note. I just know that if he doesnt have the cereal, he wont eat well and he will get a tummy ache. Hes on Similac Neosure, hes a preemie, so I am not really sure about switching his formula just yet. I will ask the doctor next week when we go for a visit. Thanks to you all for the advice.


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The GI doctor I recently went to still recommends cereal in the bottle. 

If you are set on this daycare, have you tried a formula like Enfamil AR?  That is what we are using right now for reflux and it works for my daughter.  It is not quite as thick as the cereal though.  Good luck!

Sharalyn - posted on 02/04/2009




Cereal in the bottle is now considered old advice. The new advice is to give about 2-3 teaspoons of cereal before the feeding, then just do the milk. Would they be willing to do that?

Teresa - posted on 02/03/2009




OK I had triplets with the same condition....I had to take a letter from their dr...If they still wont even with a dr order, you need to get you a new daycare...The is no reason for your child to go thro that just cause they refuse to put a lil cereal in every bottle...

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