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Vanessa - posted on 11/27/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my lil man is 9 months old and he says nothing but ahhhh to every thing I know a 9 month old will not say words yet but he has no other sounds but ahh the doc said it might be because he was preemie and he might be behind in speach development but she wants to send him to a speach doc to get him checked out. Is there something to be worried about? my opp is to give him a couple more months and see what happeneds but the doc wants to do it soon. what does eveyone think?


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Julie - posted on 12/01/2009




My little man will be 2 in March. He was a 26 weeker and on a ventilator the first 6 weeks of his life. Anyhow, he is "severely" speech delayed. He only says ma, mom, and blah and makes noises (s, p, b, clicks, whines, etc...). He does, however, use baby signs. He can "say" dog, food, drink, diaper, light, bye, more, want, sleep, down, up, banana, cookie... I figure the signs will give him a bridge until he starts talking. My guy is a great communicator, so I'm not worried.

He sees a speech therapist twice a week. It never hurts to get an evaluation and most interventions are best early rather than later. I'm sure you've also heard that boys are later to talk than girls usually ... he's probably focusing on what trouble he can get into once he's more mobile than talking;).

I'm sure once he starts talking, you'll all be wondering what the worry was and want him to stop talking (just like us...).

Tina - posted on 12/01/2009




I had my youngest in speech therapy. At 18 months he said Mama.. no other vocalizations. I went through speech therapists and group therapy. I began the process at his 12 month check up.

many things can cause lack of speech. It is the best to check it out. If your insurance covers the therapist why not have a second opinion. They can check his ears and throat and make sure there is no problems.

With my son it was that his older sister spoke for him! He is now a jabber jaws that never stops talking, even in his sleep!

it also may take time to get him into the therapist so you will have your couple of months you want to wait!
good luck an let us know how he is doing!

Elizabeth - posted on 11/28/2009




My daughter was born premature. She was developmentally delayed as far as rolling over. I do not put her just in front of TV to let her watch anything... it has to be educational. I also talk to her alot. She say mom, dad, cat and a few other words. I repeat words to her until she can say it. I also point out the object that I am naming to her. She just turned one one 11/26. My doctor never referred me to a speech doctor. I would wait and give it some time. I would say go to an ENT to make sure nothing is wrong with his ears.

Brittney - posted on 11/28/2009




hi my preemie did not say much at that age either. his docs also refered him to speech therapist and i can say they are wonderful if you get the right one. there is nothing to be aftaid of. the therapist also worked with me on exercises i could do with him to help him with his skills from home.he started speech therapy at 9-10 months and it carried on through preschool where they also worked with his communicating to other children who may not understand at first. i say give it a try i love my little chatterbox:)

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