What is a good breast pump?

Kimberly - posted on 10/21/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I'm trying to increase my breast milk supply by feeding my baby and pumping. Does anyone have any recommendations about a good breast pump? I only have a hand pump and it hurts so I'm scared to use it. Also, what's a good amount of time to pump and how often should I do it? I think I over pumped the last time...


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Amanda - posted on 11/03/2009




i used the medela swing. It was great only small but worked very well infact whilst in hospital i took mine with and found it easier to use mine then the ones they had. Only cost about $250 aus dollars too. has diferent stenghs and the start up then deep suck motions. Would recomend it to anyone

Julie - posted on 10/22/2009




I pumped for 14 weeks before I couldn't any more:( I have to say the Medela Symphony I rented from the hospital ROCKED. Contact la leche league in your area or a lactation consult, they can help you out. It is important not to overpump, the tissues are delicate and they can be permanently damaged and unable to produce milk.

You may also look into herbal supplements like fenugreek and blessed thistle or even a medication to help improve your supply like domperidone.

Good luck, you are doing a very important thing for your baby!

Lindsay - posted on 10/22/2009




I understand the pain part of pumping. My daughter spent 9 weeks in the NICU and I pumped for more than 4 months (she was never able to nurse). For the first week or so I literally cried everytime I had to pump b/c it hurt so badly. I also had issues with plugged ducts throughout.

I found using the lanisol on my nipples was worse than without it...it would stick to the nursing pads I used and then hurt when I tried to take them off. I actually bought non-stick gauze pads (can be found in any drugstore) and put them between my nipples and the nursing pad (major help!).

I was told to pump every 2 hours for 15 minutes until my milk really came in, the I could scale back to every 3 hours. Once my milk came in I was told to pump until the "last drop". Which meant I would sometimes be pumping for 20 minutes or more. The reason for pumping to the last drop is that you produce milk based on demand, if you pump till dry, you will then produce more milk for the next pumping. It was worth the trouble and pain, because I was able to stop pumping when my daughter was almost 5 months old (2 adj), but had frozen enough milk she could have it for another several months (she had it for 3 more months until my mom accidently left the door open on their upright freezer and I lost A LOT-I actually cried!).

I would also definately recommend renting a Medela hospital grade pump! Good Luck!

Kirsten - posted on 10/22/2009




Hi! I used a Medela electric pump. It has a variable suction control so you can adjust how much pull it will exert on your nipple. Important if they are sore. I pumped for about 10 minutes each side after I'd feed baby. That way she got as much as she wanted and then I stored the milk in the fridge for top ups. Remember to drink lots, eat good stuff and get some sleep.. impossible I know with a baby in tow but still important! Medela also sell Prolan which is natural lanolin and is excellent for healing sore nipples and you don't have to wipe it off before baby feeds. I hope that helps.

Angela - posted on 10/22/2009




medela pump in style is the best! you can hire them or get them off trademe for a reasonable price and when we were finished we listed it again on trade me and sold is easily - worth the $380! it comes in a carry bag and can run on battery so you can pump in the car anywhere! (as long as you have tinited windows hehe). I was told to pump every 2 hours to increase the supply it's drained so eating and drinking plenty is essential. good luck

Iysha - posted on 10/21/2009




Madela Pump In Style Advanced. I used it for like 2 days....but I liked it. I used the hospital pump (also a medela) for a month before getting my own. Pumping was just depressing for me so I formula fed. Pump 10-15 minutes, every 2 hours and breast feed at your baby's feedings. Pump after feedings. If you can manage, pump on one side while you breast feed your baby on the other....it's tricky but possible =]

Monika - posted on 10/21/2009




I agree, the Medela Symphony - which is hospital-grade - is wonderful. Our hospital had it available for rent at a pretty good price, and a local baby store also had it available for rent.

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Hi Kimberly, The Medela hospital grade pump is good if you can rent it - its electric and you only have to buy the parts that attach to you - it has a powerful motor and a couple of speeds that you can use to your comfortable setting. I used this one for 3 weeks when my preemie was in the nicu. After I joined back at work I used Avent IQ Duo - electric double pump......its good too and it has softer casing for the shields - also has a some memory setting where you can lock in your comfortable suction level for next time.

When you say it hurts - there are different things possible - suction level may be too strong, the cups/shields may be too small (mine were - i had to upgrade to a larger size), the plastic may be too stiff, you may even be pumping too often or too long or after too long in which case you may be too engorged. Try a warm compress before pumping or massage down to stimulate all the ducts. You can even try lansinoh application if you are sore or chapped.

I was told 15-20 mins on each side is a good and safe time to pump. thats what i typically did.

For increasing my supply i was recommended drinking lots of fluid, before, during and after pumping. Some people recommend the mothers milk herbal tea - its organic.

how often depends on how soon you feel full again, how often your child feeds, and how much you produce at each session. If you are with the baby when you pump, you can pump one side and store it, then nurse your baby from the other side. this way both sides are emptied and ready to produce again. at the next session you can alternate the sides. if you pump at work, then of course you will pump both sides at every session.

i hope this helps. good luck.

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