what r teething biscuits??? where can u get them? do they help?


Linnaya - posted on 02/02/2010




This is Really one of those Opinion things---. IMO.. yes, they do help depending on what kind of baby you have. HOWEVER, they are very, very messy. Some babies do not really like them, and sometimes they can make your babies gums more sore since they are a little tough. However, if your baby is gumming everything in site and needs to chew on something and you don't mind a post snack bath they can be a great treat! You can buy them at any grocery store, wal-mart, or place they sell baby food. I'd suggest just trying them if you want and see how you feel. You'll know pretty quick if they are a good choice for you and you baby.

My first never needed them, my second LOVED them- but lord was he a mess after, and my 3rd didn't care for them at all. sooooo, there is no Right answer here. Just see what works best for you :).


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Christy - posted on 09/22/2010




I don't know if they actually help with teething, but I was able to find them in Walgreen's (aka Happy Harry's) they are also known as biter biscuits. They are a very firm but easily soluable cookie for teethers. They make a mess though so be sure to be prepared for that.

Alda - posted on 02/13/2010




Here in the UK we use Bickiepegs. They are just very hard biscuits and the girls would chew on them for about a minute and then the dog would get them. The best thing I found is hard meat - in South Africa we used biltong - or beef jerkey. They can chew on it for ages and it really helps with the teething.

Julie - posted on 02/11/2010




My son liked pizza crusts more than anything else ... not the best because they don't crumble and you have to watch that they don't bite off a hunk. But, it worked for us.

Kimberly - posted on 02/10/2010




My son likes the bitter biscuits they are very messy but it seems to help him out a bit i buy mine at wal-mart and i get the gerber brand he also uses teething rings but dont like them cold..

Amanda - posted on 02/02/2010




teething bisquits are like cookies for babies (theething rings that taiste yummy) all three of my kids loved them! you can get them at any store by the baby food! get the gerber brand!

Airiel - posted on 02/02/2010




They are just hard cookies!

They have helped my daughter a lot, and they can be messy, but be honest, little teething ones are pretty messy anyway~! I get them at walmart, both beechnut and gerber make their own version. Both are called Biter Bisquits

Kristy - posted on 02/02/2010




Yes they help, but yes they are very messy. The key is getting something the baby can chew on that is a little rough, such as a wash cloth. You can also get the teething rings that go in the freezer. The will not freeze, but the cold feels good for the baby. Just some ideas!

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