why does public health nurses go out of their way to make ye feel bad???

Corinna - posted on 02/03/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i have been having problems with one of the twins cameron the smallest has had problems since he was born from bowel to getting sick after each bottle. i have changed his food brought him to an woman who told me he could be allergic to baby rice etc and told me to change him to fruit and veg and lactose intolerant milk.

it worked for three days but he is back to square one again.

she came in yesterday and told me that cameron was wasy under weight he only 11 lb where as mia is 13 lb (cameron was 3lb 9oz mia 4lb 5oz when born almost 5 months ago) i explained to her that he was getting sick but still was putting up weight. she gave out that he was taken off the baby rice and that and said i should bring her to doctorin which i did and was told each time "try changing his food". she gave me the third degree wen she witmessed that cameron was vrying with hunger and him only an hour fed. then wen i brought his spoonfeed in all questions flew "whats that your giving him is that not too strong etc oh my god like i have 5 children

and then to top that all off she was giving out the cameron wasnt lifting his head while on his belly but mia was i tried again to explain to her that i couldnt put him on his belly as he was getting sick and i wanted him to keep down some of the food

am i doing anything wrong is she right i dont know what else i can do she didnt agree to me bringing him tothat woman who also diagnosed him with Candida in his stomach which is thrush in stomach and thats why he wont tolerate most foods ah i got so angry yesterday the fat that she walked into my home and made me feel like i wasnt a good mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never ever wanna see her in my home again.

I had experiences like this before with my 4 years old when i noticed something wasnt right about his eye and for 8 months solid i was over at doctors saying this and they made out i was over protective then it ended up he was diaggnosed with cancer in the eye and if it was left another week he would not be here with us today.

i have lost faith in doctors and nurse am i going over the top what you think

like she practically gave me the third degree bout cameron food and she seen herself he was starving seen the horrible rash he has on his neck from been sick all time and then what does she do apart from giving the third degree SFA sweet f all


Lindsey - posted on 02/04/2010




hello huni i fell for you huni it must be so sad to see your baby in pain and av some silly person tryin to tell you what to do if i was you id change ur health vistor n doctor and also id go with wot ever ur heart tell you if you think somethink will work better for baba then try it. iv too have had few props wiv mine she didnt like it cose i changed daisy milk twice cose she too kept being sick thn on other milk she couldnt poo so now i just changed it to cow n gate n she has gaviscon in her milk every feed and she a happy lill girl my health vistor had a go at me tellin me i had to tell her everythink i was doin wiv my girl she even wantted me to fone her n tell her if i uped her milk which is totally ott so i just went wiv how i felt n now baba so much happyer ppl have told me just go wiv wot you feel is best for your child.. some ppl can be so horrible she is out of order being like tht with you.. im sorry your having a hard time huni and your baby must be to tierd frm being poorly all time so i would most deff see a different doc n health vistor.... all my love huni n hope you sort baba out soon xxxx


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Ellena - posted on 03/29/2010




I had so much trouble with my health nurse after my last baby, yo are not alone here you have rights and can refuse to allow that rude nurse into your home...please dont feel as thought this is all nurses as this is one of the reasons that i myself have recently become a nurse...to help people like your self with babies who are prems, not all nurses get the hole prem thing they have not experienced what having a prem is like and you need to find someone who is experienced in prems and their milestones not a full term babies milestones...there is a huge difference and a lot more complications that can occur, find a new doctor who will refer you to a pediatrician who will be able to work through the possabilities of what may be happening, persavere and don't give up a mothers instinct is the best tool to have and you know your baby the doctor and nurse only sees them briefly and sees alot of other children through out the day

best wishes and good luck and stand your ground tell the nurse if you think she is not listening to you and that you are going else where for another opinion, this is your right to find your child the help it needs

Lisa - posted on 03/29/2010




hi new doctor would be great. to find one ask your friend and family and other mothers in your area. My friend had a baby that done that too. she went threw 3 doctors before they worked out what was wrong. It was reflux and the stomach fluid was burning his oesophagus which caused him not want to eat and even drink. but good luck and hope yu find a good doctor.

Mary - posted on 03/22/2010




Most of the doctors I encountered have been pretty helpful but also have some pretty nasty experience too... I think it is crucial you find someone who works well with you and particularly truely listen to you. Ask around for recommandation and you might find this helpful: http://www.ratemds.com/social/

Brenda - posted on 03/14/2010




I agreewith Anna...you have to trust your gut feelings when you are dealing with your children...you see them every day and know the little nuances which are them...when they are off ...when they are good. Find a doctor who is going to listen to you and work WITH you! And as for the public nurse, one that is not educated in the area of preemies often has a difficult time realizing these babies are not their "norm" for babies at set ages....Out pixie was always a little small, but as our pediatrician always said..."she is healthy, happy, and growing" Love that woman!! She really got it!! Talk to other mom's in your area find out their opinions on doctors, pediatricians in your area

Marcie - posted on 03/14/2010




GET A NEW DOCTOR! If they feel like being to much of a b**ch to care about how you feel then screw them you can gt a way better doctor that will actually listen to your concerns. I agree with the others who have commented to.

Jamie - posted on 02/03/2010




I agree that its time for a new doctor! What they are saying obviously isn't helping anyways! Research his symptoms online yourself too; doctors are trained to look for the most common things first, because that's usually what it is (ie, runny nose = cold) but sometimes that's not the case. You have to be your own doctor to an extent! I would keep a log of what he eats, when, and then when he throws up (was he laying down, sleeping, etc) that might help you, or your doctor pinpoint what the real problem is!

Anna-Lesa - posted on 02/03/2010




I would look for a new doctor. At our doctor's office they are adiment that we are her parents and we see her all the time so if we think something is important to tell them and they will take the time to make sure we're all on the same page.

You're his mother, go with your gut!

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