Won't walk on his own.

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Hello, my son is almost one year old and has been ahead on most of his major milestones... Crawling at 7 months (5.5 months corrected age), standing at 8 months (6.5 m corrected), and cruising at 8.5 m (7 m corrected). He will walk everywhere as long as he is holding a finger, but as soon as the finger is gone, he drops to his knees and crawls. He has absolutely no desire to walk on his own. I know a lot of babies won't walk until much later, but I know he can do it. I encourage him all the time, but he just won't do it on his own. Anyone else been through this? Any advise?



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Have you tried a push toy or a Juppy Baby Walker(amazon)? They might help out. Maybe have another adult in front of him luring him to walk to them. It's amazing that hes walking before one. I wouldn't be too concerned about it bc he's walking even though he does it while holding on to your finger. He'll get over it sooner or later :)

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Leave it alone. He will walk when he is ready and pushing it is only going to frustrate you.


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My 23 weeker did the same thing. He cruised for a good while, but refused to walk until one weekend my husband walked him everywhere while he held his finger. When I say everywhere I mean down the street for at least 10-15 minute jaunts, taking quick breaks when he was tired, but then putting him back down again. I thought he was crazy thinking he was pushing him too hard, but after a few days of doing that, he built up the confidence to walk on his own. I was amazed.

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My daughter (a 26 weeker) did this as well, she is now six and has no problems whatsoever. She absolutely would not walk without a finger until she was two years old. It was not because she could not, it was because she was afraid to walk unsupported. I bought "Walking Wings" http://www.walkingwings.com/ until she had the confidence to walk unassisted. They worked for her and when she finally walked...she RAN around the house like a little mad woman. lol. I would not push, just encourage your son until he has the confidence to walk on his own...don't worry mama, he will. Best of luck:-)

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My son is the exact same way. He was a 31 wkr but had been at or ahead on all his milestones. He has been standing and crusing since 9 months old, 7 corrected. He just turned 1 a few weeks ago and will walk holding on to everything and using push toys but as soon as he, or we, let go he'll stand there for a few seconds, slowly lowers himself down and starts crawling. He flat out refuses to walk on his own. I figure he will when he's good and ready and keep reminding myself that he realy is only "10 months" old and most kids don't walk that early. Plus his big sis was a 34 wkr and she didn't walk till 3 weeks after her first birthday. Just remember that even doc's arn't concerned until the are 18 months!

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