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im sending this message to welcome new members and inform current members of my intentions to get to know you all properly. If you ever need a chat just pop a message into the groups board or contact me personally...thanks very much. Helen Wade xx


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Emma - posted on 02/08/2010




Hey i have a little boy who is 7 months old. He was born at 25 weeks.He weighed only 2lbs.He spent over 3 months i the NICU. Dylan has had a few problems since being born. He has Chronic lung disease which means he is on home oxygen. He also had to have Laser eye surgery as his blood vessels where developing ad normally.
He is doing good now and putting on weight.
When i was pregnant (my 1st) i just thought i would go full term and have a healthy baby. Nobody never talks about premature babies not even your midwife. I never got spoken to about it. So when it happened i was very shocked and scared. Im very lucky to have my son. We came close a few times of loosing him. Im very luck .

Sara - posted on 02/07/2010




hello, my name is sara. my son was born 4 weeks early on 11/4/09, and weighed 4lbs 13oz and was 18 3/4in long. thankfully, he did not have to spend any time in the NICU, he was born completely healthy (and we are very blessed for that). during my pregnancy (this being my first), i experienced preterm labor contractions (like full out labor contractions, not braxton hicks) starting at my 24th week of pregnancy. i was put on no restrictions, no bed rest, but i did have to take medication to control the contractions, which occurd everyday. i don't know to be certain, but i honestly believe that having that condition could have had a part in having my preterm labor. but, now my son is 3 months old and weighs a healthy 11.5lbs! he's doing great and my husband and i thank God for giving us such a blessing. we do also keep other mothers and their preemies in our prayers because some are not as lucky as we were to have such a healthy early birth. Also, I'd like to invite other mothers to join my community at Mommies of Preemies on Circle of Moms, thank you!

Emily - posted on 07/31/2009




I have 6 year old twin boys. They were born at 35 weeks. My oldest Caleb(by 1 minute lol) was 4lbs 5ozs 17 1/4inches long & Jacob was 5lbs2oz 19inches long. Jacob wasn't breathing when he was born & spent some time in the NICU. Both boys have always been underweight despite how much they eat(which is alot) At their last doctors appointment they were both barely over 40lbs(at 6!!!!!) Other than that they both have pretty bad asthma & allergy problems but are otherwise normal healthy lillte boys

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