How to make son realize his misbehavior is wrong?

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My 3 1/2 yr old son just started a new preschool a month ago. Previously we was in a Kids Day Out program, but since he needs PT and OT, we transferred him to a preschool where he can receive the help he needs.

But there's also a behavioral issue that we're trying to address. Basically he hugs and grabs the other kids at school. I, along with my parents with whom we live, have told A that he cannot touch other kids unless he wants to hold their hand - if he wants to show that he likes one of his friends, he should talk to them. We've told him over and over this week. However, this morning A's teacher told me that he intentionally kicked another kid's box display (I'm not exactly sure what that is or if I'm describing it correctly, but that's irrelevant). A has never been agressive - more affectionate than most, but never agressive, so this is surprising for all of us.

Also, whenever I try to tell him not to do something, he looks away and even laughs, as if I'm joking. He also does this with his grandparents. How do we get through to him that this is not a joke and he needs to straighten up his act. Again it's not like he behaves this way at home - he's active and curious and very emapthic, but he's never been agressive like!


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Try a rewards chart with him. See if instead of focusing on the BAD behavior if focusing on the good works better. Give him lots of praise. When he laughs ignore him. Ask once for him to do something. If he doesn't do it take it away (toy to pick up) or whatever else. If he doesn't get dressed take him to school in his jams. Explain to the teachers WHY, you did that. As far as the hugging goes, make the chart for that. Have the teachers be involved too. Have them praise him when he doesn't do it.

Also have them ask ONCE. If he doesn't stop just remove him. If he throws a tantrum, ignore it. Kids don't react to no reaction.

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