Is it wrong of me to feel this way?

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I dont want this to sound like Im complaining at all but when our oldest son was 4 we sent him to preschool. We had to pay $500.00 for public school up front. It was 250.00 each semester an there was two semesters. Anyway at the time we had the extra money and never thought anything about it.
Now our youngest son is 4 and we want to send him to preschool. I signed him up and after about 3 weeks of waiting they call back about a week ago and said that he was not elgible unless we paid. They did not give me any amount as to what it was going to cost, just said I had to wait for another lady to call and let me know. Now thats been a week ago and still havent heard anything.
Even though we want him to have the same privlage as our oldest son, I refuse to pay 500.00 this time around when he has to go next year to kindergarden. We dont have them money this time around like we did before. Am I wrong in being this way or does this seem a little to much just because he doesnt have a disability or labeled homeless (their version of a child being homeless is when that child lives with someone other than the parent). We pay our fair share of taxes, and pay for everything in our childs school and plus buy extra supplies for the children who are not as fortunate. Which we do not mind at all if their parent isnt just lazy and really has something wrong with them!
I feel really bad for feeling and thinking this way but I feel that children like ours doesnt get a fair shot either!!
We want him to go and he wants to go so bad, but at the same time I just feel it isnt right! We have always been involved in pretty much everything in school and helped out in anyway we can and we are very happy to do that if and when able to which is most of the time! Thanks for any feedback!


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I do agree with Sofia....$500 a year for preschool is a great buy! My husband pays a heck of a lot more than that for my three year old to attend preschool here where we live. I think that sending your child to school as soon as they are eligible is a great thing. I believe the child can only benefit from being in a school environment! Anyways, if you really think that you cannot afford it, then maybe you can home school your child to make sure that he/she is on track and knows everything that they will need to know by the time he/she needs to be enrolled in Kindegarten. My husband struggles with payments sometimes, but I also took up some work on the weekends to help make life a little easier on him. Maybe you could do the same if you aren't currently working? I can sympathize with you...times are hard right now, but as a parent, we need to sacrafice for our children whenever necessary.

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To be perfectly honest, $500 for the year sounds like a good deal to me. Around here preschool is consider along the lines as daycare, which normally cost $160/week. Thats $650 a month. No alot of people can not afford that and therefore we view preschool as a privilige not a right.

This state does offer daycare assistance to low income families ( I think that is what you were trying to get at). Unfortunately, after the guidelines were changed, alot of working parents with 2 incomes no longer met the income criteria. This assistance became more for single parents. And I have heard many many 2-parent households become very frustrated with the system and feel like there is no help for them. I cant say I disagree. I think we have a group of people whose income is just alittle above the income guidelines for most of the state assistance, but not high enough to afford things like medical or daycare. The system isnt perfect.

On the other hand, put yourself in the shoes of a single mom who really does not have a partner to depend on and has to pay for EVERYTHING. If you think you cant afford preschool/daycare and there are 2 of you working, what do you think a single mom has to go through? I think that is what the state assitance is meant for. To help individuals in that situation.

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We don't have public preschool here. I pay $275/MONTH for my son to go TWO days/week.... If you paid for your older son to go. I don't see why you're complaining that you have to pay for your younger son to do the exact same thing....

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