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Catherine - posted on 03/01/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




What should my son(age 4 on April 7th) know by the time I put him in preschool this fall?


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Kylie - posted on 07/03/2012




It doesnt matter what they know or what they learn as each child learns at different levels. My son (4 and in preschool, starts prep next year) has only just learnt to write his name yet most of the other kids in his class could do that a while ago, he is also still learning his ABC's and 123's, even though we have been teaching him he had to learn it when he was ready. He is a little more behind then some of the other kids in his class but he is fine to learn at his own pace, and as long as he is learning and having fun doing it, im not going to rush him or force him to learn faster. My niece couldnt write her name till this year and she is in grade 1. Every child learns at their own pace. I hope your son is having fun a pre-school.

Eva - posted on 11/02/2011




You probably now it already judging from the date of your post but I find out just this September when my 3.9 year old went to school that the focus of teachers is not on what they know (as I thought my child alphabet and numbers..etc.) but to follow their directions. In other words their behaviour and the ability to listen is the thing they appreciate in kids. I never have received a praise from my son's teacher exp. that he knows this or that already and she doesn't have to put an afford in teaching him, but only criticism when it comes to his behaviour. I hope all is going fine with your little preschooler.

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