Redshirt Preschooler?? Need advice from others in similar situations, please??

Brenda - posted on 05/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need some advice on how to deal with this situation. We have twin girls K and M born on July 13th. They are scheduled to go to kindergarten fall of 2012. We are considering holding them out another year because they will be young kinders. They are academically and socially average 4 year olds. But I am not certain they are ready for kindergarten and feel they will be much more successful if we wait an extra year. However, we also have two boys. One of the boys J is a May 13th birthday. We wanted to hold him back an extra year also so he would go to school at 6 but I am concerned he will turn 7 a few weeks before he finishes kindergarten. We are doing it for both academic and sports reasons (my husband). Our last son B is a January 29th baby so I would not consider waiting to put him in kindergarten. One of our concerns is that the two boys even though they are 20 months apart will only be one academic year apart. Which I don't think is a huge deal...actually I kind of like that. However, my husband is very concerned that they will be grouped and compared constantly (especially in sports). The older of our sons J is big and we expect he will probably be physically bigger and stronger than his brother B for most of their young lives, we realize that this may not turn out to be true but its what we have to go on right now. Anyway, my reason for bringing this up is if the boys are only one academic year apart but physically look 2 or more years different what effect will this have on their relationship and B self esteem? So I guess what I am basically asking is has anyone been in this boat or is a teacher who deals with this in his/her classroom? Should I redshirt the first three or just send them on as scheduled? Another piece of this is that if all of our kids go to college if we redshirt the first three then all 4 kids will be in college at one time for a year. Yikes! Please any advice will help.


Katherine - posted on 07/11/2012




My daughter started kindergarten at 4. I had contemplated holding her back, but I just went for it. She is academically way above her level, socially above her level and all around fantastic! I think you should consider the social part. Are they socially mature? What did their preschool teacher say?

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