Has anyone noticed complications of IUGR in their child? Introuterine Growth Restriction

Esther - posted on 09/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby was IUGR as well. I was induced at 37 weeks and he was born at 4lbs 14oz. My Dr. said they could not find the reason why which was kind of frustrating. He said maybe I just made small babies seeing how my daughter was only 5lbs.... But now my son is 2 and not really talking at all. I read that some children who were IUGR were at Increased risk for motor and neurological disabilities. Now I'm wondering if thats the reason?? Has anyone else found this or something similar to be the case with their child???


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Patricia - posted on 11/28/2012




Our Daughter was also born at 4 lbs 14 oz via csection because of breech, preclampsia, and IUGR.

Fortunately we had no problems other than severe allergies which the allergist say is genetic. She is also gifted.

It could be he is taking longer to hit his milestones, but I would see a specialist to make sure.

LeAnn - posted on 10/15/2012




Hi Esther,

Wanted to give you more information on your baby/toddler and IUGR. Intrauterine growth restriction means that your baby inside the womb was not able to gain weight appropriately. There can be lots of reasons for this to happen, could be on the Mom's side of pregnancy producing, generating then transporting the nutrition to the baby. Or baby's side, of taking in the nutrition and breaking it down into useful weight. So how could this have effected your son? The nutrition on the inside of the womb is for growth, in particular, the nutrition in and around the brain. So the less nutrition equals less growth power for the brain. It would be good to find out if your son's IUGR was brain sparing or not? What percentile of head circumference was he? >90% means most of the womb nutrition went to his brain. < 90% means the nutrition went everywhere in his body, not just to brain growth.

So now knowing this information, yes, babies that are IUGR are more at risk for developmental and neurological difficulties. Simply because the nutrition was not there when brain wiring was getting set up while in the womb.

I would definitely get a Pediatric Speech evaluation and possibly an Occupational Therapy evaluation based on how he processes information. Remember, Speech is being able to comprehend words with meaning and producing sounds, so a Speech Pathologist will be able to help you sort that out. Getting help now will only benefit you and your son.


LeAnn Hoye

Steps for Preemies, Owner

Preemie Development Specialist


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