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Rice Cereal problems

Kris - posted on 03/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




The doctor gave the green light to start feeding our son rice cereal. He hates it!!! He screams every time I put it in his mouth. People are giving me advice about how to make it taste better, such as mix it with fruit, baby food, or juice. Gestationally, my son is 13 weeks old and it seems a little early to give him any of those things. But maybe I'm wrong. What are your thoughts?


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Marie - posted on 03/19/2009




my boys where born 9 weeks early and their pediatrician told me to start feeding them cereal and baby food when they where 3 in half weeks. They are 7 months old and the only thing they do not like is anything that has to do with meat. They love fruits and vegies but the cereals i have to mix with fruit that is the only way they will eat it . The Dr. is the one who told me to mix it.

Lacie - posted on 03/18/2009




My daughter is 6 months old and she was 3a month preterm!!! She didint like the cereal either so i gave her the jar babyfood rice cereal and she loves it!! My pediatricion started her on baby food at 5 months so u might wanna check and make sure before you try it!!!

Liz - posted on 03/18/2009




If he's ready for cereal I don't see why he wouldn't be ready for the first stages of baby food.  Have you tried giving him the other types of cereal?  Maybe he just doesn't like the rice.  I know my son hates the rice, but he loves the oatmeal, and my daughter likes the rice.

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