a new approach to give a haircut to a kid that has SPD

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hello to all moms :)
ok so as a mom of a 4 y/o with SPD/autism (Josh) and as a barber i can simply tell you...
if you are forcing your kid to get a haircut, restraining or even holding him in your legs stop don't do it any more.
as soon as your kid shows you discomfort you should stop because cutting hair to kids that have SPD is process
it wont happen over night... why because its about the kid getting over all those sounds and feelings that create discomfort
and the most important thing is to build the trust that getting a haircut is not torture... lets face it all of us want our kids to be independent
for them to be able to walk in to a hair salon or a barbershop and pick a hair cut.. why?? because is part of life and we all want our kid to have an independent life
so it takes lots of patience and time is not over night and every kid is different all the kids that have SPD that i have cut their hair have taking different approach
so please just for a sec go back in time when you were a kid.. and think of the one vegetable that your were force to eat and hate to the point of nausea.... can you eat it now? do you like it? probably not... so forcing a haircut will only take you to the same place.


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Armanda - posted on 12/19/2010




I totally agree that haircutting is a process for children with SPD. I had to go very slowly with my son. First we started with reading books about bathtime ( for washing hair ) and haircuts. It took several weeks before we could read a book with out him screaming at the sight of the pictures. Next we moved on to small dolls that we could put in the tub, and slowly started putting water, and soap in their hair. Once he would do this we started combing the dolls hair. Finally, we gave the doll a hair cut. This was very upsetting the first time. After a few doll cuts, we read a sensory story about my son having a hair cut for about a month before we tried a real hair cut. Even those started slow, just one cut, then two, ects. with tons of praise and special prizes. The results? Easy haircuts with no more screaming or hysterical fits!! Well worth the effort and wait!!

Leslie - posted on 11/05/2010




What great advice! I adored my Mom, and as an adult I asked her how she was such a great Mom...and her advice was just like yours..."Try to remember what it was like to be a child at that age, and be the parent you needed...not necessarily the parent you had." Thanks for the reminder!

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