Any help for a new mom to SPD?

Chelsea - posted on 03/07/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 3, and I have always known that he was a little "different" but thought that I was horrible for thinking that. I felt even worse because I get so frustrated with him, and have no idea what to do! When his speech therapist suggested visiting an OT I was worried they would tell me he was ADD or ADHD and want to put him on meds..

They did not, but they havent told me much at all just that they suspected that he has SPD. He sees the OT 2x a week, but that doesnt help me at home. He seems just so overly emotional, tantrums out of no where, he repeats everything you say (if you ask him if he wants juice he repeats the question) If he wants daddy to answer but I do he keeps asking until daddy answers. We have a 9 month old that he loves very much but will act scared to death of him sometimes. He cries when we turn off the tv to have quiet time or play something else, he doesnt like to play with toys, only games or books that make noise. He seems worse when things are quiet (at home) if we go out to the store, or to a family members house with alot of people he looses it!

Im so glad that we now know what it is that he has, but we dont know how to help him at all. I've been doing some research but I still dont really know what to do. Some nights he doesnt fall asleep until midnight 1am when we lay him down at 8pm. Now I feel horrible for getting so angry. Please any advice would help so much!


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OT is great for SPD, look into creating sensory activities for home, like a rice pit and things like play-dough. Depending on his needs modify activities around the house do he can help you. The best books I have found out there on this are the Out of Sync Child ones ( ) . The repeating thing is called echolalia -

He many just need more time to process the question. I find my son does best with yes/no questions or ones that have concrete answers like do you want apple or orange juice. Sometime I will hold up one hand for each option. Over all it sound like your son is overwhelmed. Try to make a routin and stick to it. When things are going to change, prepare him by talking about it days in advance. Picture schedule are great for establishing routine.

Erin - posted on 03/10/2012




We have the same issue with crowded rooms and environments. The best example I can give is our family christmas eve gathering. There are usually at least 30 people including 1-5 other kids depending on the year (they alternate with each side of the family). The biggest thing we have learned is to talk to each other and do regular check-ins. I understand that it can be difficult at 3 because the communication is in early development, but if you start now it will make it much easier later. My son is 6 now and we ask him if he is feeling regulated, if he needs to go for a walk or run for a minute, or if he is hungry. Don't be afraid to step out with your kiddo for a bit and calm down in a quieter atmosphere. Another huge factor with us is hunger. My son has a really hard time staying regulated when he is hungry. We will usually start seeing the signs before he realizes he is hungry. I will not lie to you, it will be rough for a long time, but when you have good communication with each other and learn to recognize the signs earlier you will have many more good days.


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Chelsea - posted on 03/11/2012




Hi Erin! Thank you! We have noticed his behavior getting out of control when he is hungry. He also doesnt always seem to know when he is! He will say he isnt hungry all day, and then all of a sudden could probably eat a whole cow!! But we are working on getting to the point where we can recognize when hes becoming upset! Thanks for the advice!!

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