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April - posted on 02/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've only been dealing with my son being diagonsed with SPD for about six months and it has been a very rough six months. I have five children ranging in ages from 10 yrs to 10 months. The son I speak of is turning 3 next month and he is a handful to say the least. We have tried so many different things with him but nothing has seemed to consistently work. He has been working with an OT for over a year, he also has a SLP, a PT, and a counselor that come into the home at least once a month to work with us. He is delayed significantly in his speech and is just learning to run and jump. He won't potty train and has no desire to. We are also starting to see similarities in my 10 month old as far as the SPD goes. She has an OT, PT, DS that comes in every other week to help with her. I am hoping that we caught her early enough that it won't be as big of an issue. I could use any suggestions on discipline and picky eaters that anyone wants to offer up. I am reading the out of sync child and I also carry around a book on signs since we also do a lot of communication in sign language. He speaks some but signs too. He is also very violent when he is frustrated. He loves to put his hands in his mouth when he cries and gets upset. He sleeps with a waterproof mattress pad or sometimes two and a weighted blanket. I sometimes feel so helpless when it comes to pacifying him. Thank you for listening to me ramble in circles, I know.


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I understand the helpless feelings. It is so hard to watch your kids struggle and not have anyway to make it better. We all do the best we can and sounds like you are doing everything in your power to help him and your youngest too. My daughters favorite is when i wrap her up like a sausage in a blanket and wander around the house with her. I think sometimes it just takes some time for things to start helping, so stay strong and go with anything that helps even a little bit. good luck and hang in there.

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