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My 14 month old son was diagnosed with SPD a few months back. After reading a lot about SPD I know have an explanation for all the previously unexplained meltdowns. But none of it has prepared me for this one.

We were at the hospital having a swallow study done when I noticed a lump on his leg that was not there that morning when I gave him his bath or when I dressed him. Since our area has had a recent MRSA scare we went straight to the pediatrician to have a culture done. He was fine with them sticking a needle in his leg, he didn't even flinch when the nurse squeezed the pus out, but the second she stuck a band-aid on him it was an instant melt down.

I tried everything to calm him down, and he finally cried himself to sleep. And surprise, as soon as he woke up the screaming resumed. After another hour I removed the band-aid and the screaming quit.

I have tried ultra-thin, clear, waterproof band-aid that you can barely see, but he knows they are there and has a melt down until it is off. Sadly it needs covered, not only to keep more germs out, but also to prevent the spread to anyone else if the culture is positive.

So I am curious if anyone else has had similar issues with band-aids? If so, how did you deal with it?


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Gina - posted on 04/04/2012




My 3yo is the same way. Bandaid will cause one of the worst meltdowns for us. If he hurts himself at school he has to come home. He will rip the bandaid off in a screaming fit. Obviously this is a problem at school if he is bleeding.

Jami - posted on 12/16/2011




my 4.5 year old has SPD and a rare kidney function problem which requires now bimonthly blood draws but was weekly draws. he is the same way he absolutely hates bandaids. He will sit still and sometimes will not even cry when they drawing his blood he only gets upset when they put a bandaid or a wrap on it. I am not sure why it bothers them so much but i have the same problem with him.

Katie - posted on 09/13/2011




My 20 month old does the same thing and has since she was an infant. We tried the liquid bandage but she doesn't like that either (she also doesn't like antibiotic ointment). She is very sensory defensive about alot of things though so it may work for your son. Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 08/31/2011




I haven't come across that one yet. But it did occur to me that they make a liquid bandaid. Maybe you could try that in the future. My son doesn't like like wearing bandaids very often but I haven't gotten into too many situations where he had to either.

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