Bath time.

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My son and I have just had another bath time catastrophe It was going so well, I had the water warm and heated it up a bit with him in it making sure the hot or the cold didn't touch him. He rubbed himself with the soap and put a fizzy bath bomb in the water. All positive feedback exercises.

Then it came to time to wash his hair and it all went... kaboom! He can handle a shower if it's a power shower, loves it in fact, loves the constant temperature and the heavy pounding of the shower spray but when it's our over the tap shower head that gets hotter and then colder and is never a reliable temperature...

I got his hair washed and then got him out as quick as I could but by that time he'd lost it completely, I was sitting on the edge of my bed with him on my knee wrapped in a towel, he had his face tucked into my shoulder and his arms tucked right into my belly. I'm not a tall lady and he's a big 9 year old.

I tried talking to him calmly and tried getting him to breath deeply but then he started talking about feeling angry and sad and confused. He was saying he hates feeling like this and he doesn't feel like himself, he just wants to feel like himself.

I was starting to get upset and I knew, if I lost it, I'd never get him to bed and then I'd never get him up for school in the morning. I got him to phone my Mum, my Mum is brilliant, she was walking through the door a few minutes later having jumped in the car and driven round.

By that time we were sitting on the sofa with a blanket and we were snuggling, I was rubbing his leg and he was hugging a teddy up close. It took a while but we got his hair dried and got him into his bed, he's there now 'reading' comics.

I'm not sure why I'm writing this, obviously if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated but I think mostly I just want to know what your experiences are. I think I need to know that I'm not the only mother going through this.


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we had many suggestions of chewing gum or something that he really has to chew - jerky, in the shower, or brushing before and or after. we have many issues because we have a huge shower and no tub. shower is the only cold option. it gets cold fast if you will not stand under the warm water. also, we often use a rinse bucket to rinse his hair and a washcloth for his eyes. some days these help, some not. We have resorted to keeping his hair very short - cuts down on rinse time!


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Belle - posted on 06/07/2011




I hadn't thought of chewing gum, he's always asking for gum to chew but it never crossed my mind that this was a way of him getting feedback.

I'm thinking I may need to save up and get a power shower fitted, Gillan was bullied at his old school for having long hair so he insisted we go to the barber and get it all cut short. I hated it but it made him feel less vulnerable. Lots of the boys in his new school have long hair and he wanted to grow it again, brilliant thought I, unfortunately now it's a real battle getting him to the barber to get it trimmed and tidied. Gillan has really thick wavy/curly hair, it gets to a point where it looks like he's wearing a hat.

I really appreciate your comment Stephanie, thank you.

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