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Kristy - posted on 07/05/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




*Okay, I must come clean. I have been accused of presenting myself under false pre-tenses. I am not an "official" step-mom. As I am not "officially" married to my partner. We have been together for 5 years, lived together for most of that.

-Because of school, money and insurance issues we live as a non-traditional family unit.

"Co-habiting residential partners"

-I cannot spell, have many varied limitations, and no biological children of my own (unless you count Rascal)

*I do have experience, training, education and knowledge to contribute. I have a teaching certificate, certificates in early childhood education, 5 plus years working in daycares, preschool, private pre-k & kindergarten, day-camps, and as a nanny. I also just graduated with my Bachelors’ degree in Social Work.

-I do love my partner and his son. I care for and make sacrifices for this amazing and sometimes challenging young man.

*I think I could contribute and grow from the dynamic exchanges offered here, either as an “almost step-mom” or a “step-monster” or on a contributor, semi-professional and networking status.

-If anyone thinks I should remove myself from this forum please let me know. Questions, comments, whatever.



Sorry if anyone feels deceived.


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Kristy - posted on 07/09/2009




The following is a pg version of a note from the bio-mom in this situation and should help explian why I started this post:

i wanted to help him set one up

you want to teach him to lie and sneak my mom is not parinoid because she doesn't like the way u act about my son

YOU are not his step mom he is simply your boyfriend's son... i am not dead he has one mom...and circle of moms is for moms...when did u become one??????? I dont like the fact that u post things about mine and Jeff"s son. he is not ur friend, he is not ur son he is a child...u just happen to be his dad's girl friend

you sure didnt have him send me or my mom a friend request only ur family why? U NEED TO HAVE BOUNDRIES WHERE MY SON IS CONCERNED...i am glad u would have talked to his dad..I AM STILL HIS MOM



Mindi - posted on 07/09/2009




Well I am sorry you feel that you need to "come clean" or that you have decieved anyone. I personally feel that anyone who "parents" a child in any way - whether traditional or not - has every right to be on this forum. You have parented for 5 years - you surely have plenty to offer to anyone here. If you feel you belong here, then you do. No one else needs to decide that for you!!!!

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