Could my son have SPD?

Rachel - posted on 12/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have known for a while now that something is not right w/ my 5 year old son. He was diagnosed w/ poor muscle tone back in Nov. only because he can't seem to hold his pencil the right way in preschool and therefore has difficulty w/ other fine motor skills. Today we saw his pediatrician because of my suspicion that something else is going on. She just did a few neuro tests to discover that something is definitely wrong-she had him hold arms straight out to sides and touch his nose with his fingers. he could only do it with his right hand, he just could not bring left hand to nose except when he closed his eyes he could bring both hands to nose. I was shocked! Dr hasn't mentioned anything about SPD but I have been researching this for about a week and my hunch is that SPD is whats going on. so he gets a visual perception test, MRI and a visit to a ped. neurologist next week. Anyone know how long it takes for an actual diagnosis? Also, I noticed that a lot of SPD moms posted on here that their kids come home from school, ect... and have major meltdowns. While my son does have meltdowns, they are very mild and last maybe a minute or two. Thinking back to when he was a baby, he was actually too "good" of a baby/toddler/preschooler-very easy going, not getting in to much, or causing messes like lots of other kids. Did anyone else notice this in their SPD child? Just trying to get a sense of what were dealing with here....Thanks.


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Check out this website by Angie Voss, an Occupationational Therapist and author. She has a lot of super helpful info on her site. She also runs a Facebook support Group that is super helpful. This page will get you started there

We suspected this in our child, and printed this checklist at this site: http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.c... and filled it out….We took it to an Occ. Therapist in our area (didn't need a referral - she did a backward referral with our Ped, since he was kind of useless/reluctant to do much) - and she diagnosed our son with pretty strong SPD. He has a lot of vestibular and proprioception issues, some fine motor and issues with impulsivity and heavy seeking. Later he was also diagnosed with ADHD which adds to the challenges.

Get your Ped to refer you to an OT who works with children with sensory issues or autism (since it is so similar on the sensory front) or even a pediatric neurologist, they can diagnose SPD or whatever else could be going on. That's your first and most important step. If you can, read a lot online first and arm yourself with lists of everything you notice that is an issue or where ever your child is not meeting milestones for his age. That way, the OT, or docs don't overlook anything. Tell them what every day life is like, what the challenges are.

You are not alone…there are many support groups on FB that are awesome for SPD, and other special needs - you can find a wealth of info, support and tools there to help.

Good luck.

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