Daughter with SPD having problems in 1st grade..need advise from seasoned moms

Cyndi - posted on 09/29/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter (6yrs) is really having problems in 1st grade, Everything is bothering her, and she seems to "crash" when she comes home. Complaining, not wanting to go to school, noisy kids, etc. However her teacher says she is just smiling at school. I think she puts on a "face" pretending she is fine, then when she fills safe at home, it all breaks loose. She has SPD, speech apraxia, a narrow airway, she's lactose intolerant, an "innocent" heart murmur and headaches. She has had 6 headaches in the past 2 weeks. She is aware of her SPD, and tells me she is trying to come up with a solution, but the solutions aren't working. I am trying to convey to the school the problem, however because she is not a behavior, trouble maker, etc, I'm not sure how to convince them her senses are being sent over the edge. I feel she needs "down time"/alone time while at school, but not sure how to make that happen. Can't bring aids to school as they are disruptive to class. What can I do?


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Cathy - posted on 10/28/2012




By law you can call an SST meeting. They bring the teacher, principal, school councilor everyone and help put together a plan that will help your child. Do your home work too and offer advise to them. This may be new for them too. It was to my son's teachers. Never allow the, to do shared teacher (2 teachers). These kids need routine and that is a big part for them to feel normal. At home and at school. New things at every scared for them. Warn your kids what to expect before they do something new.

Jennifer - posted on 10/04/2011




In our school system, you can have an OT visit the class. So much I want to say to you but don't have time to type it all...will get back on here tonight and write more. I feel your pain. My son is not as old as your daughter but has trouble in school as well. Has she seen an Occupational Therapist? Mitch's OT has helped so very much already...giving him and us tools to help him cope. You need to contact your school system and find out the rules on the OT's in class, or aids. Mitch's school gave him a "hiding spot" that he uses when he feels over stimulated and it has helped him so so much. Will write more later :) Sending you Peace and Light,

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