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My 21 month old son was diagnosed with SPD at 15 months. He still is only eating baby food and wants nothing to do with people food. He constantly gags at stage 3 foods that are too chunky and holds his food in his mouth. Sometimes it takes over an hour to feed him each time!!! Any tips?


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My son is the exact same way Laura. I see this post is pretty old and was wondering how he is doing now? Has he made any progress?

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My daughter has had the same problem since I started her on baby foods. She is currently 2 years old and living on pediasure because she wont eat anything. At one point she would only eat one type of babyfood and sometimes she wouldnt even eat it, she would just cry when I brought out the jar of food. Right now she is in OT to help her issues. The therapist suggested a "Nuk" brush to help desensitize her mouth . To use it during feeding and also to rub it on her tongue and cheeks in between feedings. Also she suggested a toy or distraction to let them play with during feedings to help them feel less anxious about the undertaking. There is a book I am reading as well "Raising a sensory smart child" it may have some good tips for you. Hope this helps!

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