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Ljubica - posted on 12/19/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've waited 3 long years to get a diagnosis, and finally, this week, I got my son's diagnosis of autism. I got fed up with getting "I don't knows" from 'specialist,' so I took my son off of all of his supplements and just gave him his prescribed medications. The school immediately noticed a difference and called his pediatrician for help, which got us a referral to an organization that specializes in developmental disorders and voila! Finally, a panel of psychologists diagnosed my boy with autism. His past diagnoses of ADHD, ODD, OCD and global delays still remain, but adding the diagnosis of autism is going to give Dayton (my little hero) the speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy he desperately needs.
Even more amazing is Dayton's school reaction to the autism diagnosis. When I enrolled Dayton, explaining that Dayton has ADHD, ODD, OCD and global delays, you could see them thinking: problem child, bad kid, trouble and bad parenting. Now they're saying, 'oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.' Sorry about what?! He's the same kid he was before, nothing's changed, he just got an extra diagnosis. But, for some reason, autism is more tolerated that ADHD. Sick and wrong, but it is the truth. Now the school is applying for a full time aid for Dayton. For Pete's sake!!! Why didn't they do it sooner? It was obvious he needed one, but because he's autistic, now they're scrambling around for funding. Now all of a sudden, my son deserves it. How irritating and unfair is that? My blood is just boiling! And if one more person says to me: 'I'm sorry,' I swear to God I'm going to kick their a$$. I'm really not a violent person, I've never struck another person in my life, but their reaction is seriously ticking me off. No one's died here. My boy is still the same cute, quirky, funny, beautiful child he was 2 days ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago. Nothing's changed, other than that he's a little older, that's all. Why do people have to be so stupid? Grrrr...
Anyway, the good news is, I finally have a diagnosis, my little man will finally get the help he needs, and life is good. I've won the battle. I've advocated for my baby, and I've WON!!! Maybe now I can take a little of that time used on the fight, and use it to take care of me. I'm feeling so powerful, I think I'll join the gym! LOL!!!

Consider yourselves hugged y'all!



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Carla - posted on 01/21/2010




WOW! Congrats!!! that's great news! It is very sad how the world works.. you can't get what you need for the kids until they have a label! It's so hard! I remember the day I found out that Jonah had SPD and how bad it is... I was crying because I was so happy! I finally had a direction to go in with my little man to try to make things easier! I'd read every book on parenting you could imagine.. and still couldn't figure out what the issues were with him... so when this one article at work caught my attention it was a life changing moment!!! Congrats!!!! :) :)

April - posted on 12/20/2009




Congrats on your victory for your son! It's interesting what a difference a label can make, isn't it? It's as if every previous diagnosis just added up to, like you said, bad kid and bad parenting. But now, with this diagnosis, this label, you're not responsible! Suddenly, people are allowed to recognize what you may be dealing with on a day to day basis, and feel empathy for your situation, even though nothing has changed! Just their perspective!

I'll be honest, when I was first made aware that my son might be autistic, I was heartbroken and in complete denial! I had seen kids who are autistic and thought "that's not my child!" Sure he does things a little differently, and has his quirks, but aren't all kids supposed to be individuals? Certainly, I couldn't argue with his speech delay and we have started speech therapy, which has been wonderful. But, there was now that little voice in the back of my head every time he did something "abnormal" that had me wondering "is this another symptom?" I got so tired of second guessing my son's quirks, I had temporarily lost the ability to just love and accept him for who he is. But, I slowly was able to start tuning into his behaviors, while keeping things in perspective. Learning to do both has been challenging, but worthwhile. Now, when he stands on his head to watch his favorite cartoon, I giggle at how cute and silly he is, and add it to the mental list of other things I will bring up when we finally get our evaluation for OT. We haven't yet received a diagnosis for SPD, but I suspect we'll be getting that soon, and I'm thrilled that it will mean more resources for him to have access to. And when they bring up autism again, as I have come to expect they will, I will not be afraid. If that's the label that fits, and gets him the services and help he needs to be able to not just function in the world, but really get to enjoy and experience everything possible, then I welcome it! Regardless of any diagnosis, he is still my "silly Logan", and the labels don't change that.

I am so glad that your son will now have the help he needs, and you seriously deserve to celebrate! Thank you for your post; it has helped me to keep focus on what's really important...not the stupid, insensitive people or the labels, but our kids.

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