HAs your Dr ever said SPD is just a label?

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My son is 4 & recently underwent evaluation from neuropsychologist we got the results today. He says my son's bad behavior is a choice he makes & has the ability to choose otherwise, recommends weekly behavioral therapy, a stronger adhd med, & OT for cognitivie rehab focused on visual perception. I informed him he was already going to OT & had been diagnosed with SPD & he replies that's just something they say just a label they put on children. Have you ever had to deal with this & how did you respond?


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I would be finding a new neuropsych personally. It is NOT a choice, that's crap.
My daughter is waiting to get into the pediatrician for possible Autism Spectrum Disorder (aspergers), but it could be something else. I KNOW she isn't just being "naughty". SPD is another possibility, and so is ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). The doc sounds like he's very uneducated, try talking to the OT and see if they can recommend another doctor to go to. My daughter's teacher took away her sensory toy (she has it to fidget with to help her stay concentrating and keeping eye contact) because she was "playing with it"... and she says my daughter doesn't have ASD, because she's taught a kid with Aspergers before and she's nothing like my daughter. That's like saying all blonde kids are geniuses and all kids with black hair like spaghetti. You can't generalise kids! Every kid is different, special needs or otherwise.

Good luck xxxx Inbox me if you need to talk at any time :)

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